Become a Conduit of Blessing

Each day we have opportunities to act on behalf of others – by giving encouragement, our time, energy and resources. When we understand the truth of James 1:17 that “every good and perfect gift” we have comes from God, it can inspire better stewardship and impact others. As author Randy Alcorn once quipped, “Just because God puts His money in our hands doesn’t mean He intends it to stay there!” We are to be conduits of blessing.

Here’s a unique way you can involve your children or grandchildren in blessing others. Have you considered designating a percentage of your Estate to a charity like Grace Christian University? What if you invited your heirs to pick the department or initiative they’d like the funds to support? Or perhaps you’d consider allowing them to choose the charity all together! This giving concept is growing in popularity among donors and yielding amazing results. The children and grandchildren are experiencing:

Empowerment. By allowing your heirs a hand in this important decision, you’ll clearly communicate your confidence in them. They’re certain to feel respected and seen. 

Inspiration. This exercise will show your heirs that giving isn’t only for an “older” generation. They’ll see firsthand the impact they can make for generations to come.

Being conduits of God’s blessing may be as simple as shielding someone from the rain or giving your hard-earned dollars to someone in need – but the impact could be eternal.

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