Celebrating Commencement

On April 26th, Grace Christian University experienced the biggest fulfillment to date of its mission statement. Over 70 students graduated from both the Traditional and the Adult and Online programs to embark on a new journey of serving Christ in church and society, making it the largest commencement ceremony in Grace’s history.

female grad

These graduates are being launched into the world having received an incredible foundation in the Word of God and in their given fields of study. Many have accepted burdens from the Lord to impact certain spheres of society. They have been trained, as 2 Timothy 2:15 states, to be one “who correctly explains the word of truth.” They persevered in spite of their individual obstacles that arose.


Graduate Maggie Segalla, shared during her commencement address how the relationships she developed with students and faculty proved to be transformational in her life and challenged her to reach her full potential. Many others echoed a similar appreciation to the friends, family and faculty who supported them in their educational journey. Commencement served as a time to celebrate those relationships.  Some Adult and Online students actually met their classmates and professors in person for the first time at commencement. Although the nature of these relationships has changed with graduation, the real adventure is just beginning.


As these 70 graduates enter the world as Grace Christian University alumni, may we all follow Maggie’s admonition to “be fully present in whatever season of life God has us.”  We cannot wait to hear stories of the Lord’s faithfulness as these new alumni serve Christ wherever God leads.


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