What’s The Deal With Donor Advised Funds?

What’s The Deal With Donor Advised Funds?

Have you ever wished there was a way to simplify your charitable giving? Donor-Advised Funds may be your answer. “DAFs”, date back to the 1930s and are experiencing explosive growth. In fact, they were recently rated the #1 planned giving tool by over 400 charities across the United States. DAFs are growing in popularity for a few reasons:

They’re simple. DAFs let you support multiple charities from one account (with one click, and no fees) whenever you feel led to give.

They’re smart. Opening a DAF provides an immediate tax benefit, plus you’ll avoid capital gain tax on contributions of long-term appreciated assets.

They’re legacy-building. DAFs provide a great way to teach giving to the next generation. Simply set up a DAF and invite your kids or grandchildren to help recommend charities and organizations you want to bless, like Grace Christian University. DAFs are perfect for giving together.

They’re for everyone. Want to give anonymously? Need the flexibility to give a large or small gift? No matter your circumstance, DAFs are a great choice for charitable giving.

We like to think of financial planning and charitable giving as acts of worship. Shouldn’t the process be simple and enjoyable? Utilizing a DAF takes the guesswork out of giving and feels right in line with Matthew 11:30 where the Lord promises “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

DAFs give you an unbelievably simple way to give back to God for all the ways He has blessed you throughout your life.


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