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Student Spotlight: Megan Postma

The winter wind is blowing at Grace Christian University, and along comes the sound of cheering fans. Sports are a big deal at Grace, and we love to celebrate our talented athletes. Today our spotlight is centered on the charming and accomplished Megan Postma.

 With the second half of her freshman year at Grace Christian University just beginning, Megan Postma’s achievements are already beyond impressive. She is such a well-rounded student athlete, it is amazing there are enough hours in the day for her to complete everything she is involved with.

Already a star from her time on the women’s volleyball team, Megan is currently thriving mid-season in track. “Playing sports at a Christian school,” says Megan, “is something I’ve never experienced. I’m really enjoying it.”


Megan graciously agreed to sit down and answer some questions:

What is it like being a student athlete at Grace Christian University?

It’s a lot of fun. Pretty laid back, I say. It’s kind of crazy because you have to schedule your homework and all your assignments in between games and make time for practice. It’s a commitment that is super hard to make but it’s really fun. It’s really great to apart of a team.


What have been your major highlights/achievements in athletics?

In high school, I was not very good at volleyball freshman year. A lot of my teammates left the team, but I had that passion—that I wanted to play volleyball, so I just stuck with it and went to volleyball camps and practiced. Eventually, I became a starter on my varsity team. And now I’m here!


What do you most enjoy about athletics?

I like the competition in volleyball. With volleyball at least, I like that you can still be super competitive without touching people. I love being aggressive.

With track, I enjoy that they incorporate faith in what we do. We are a family. Everyone is super close friends and there’s no drama.

I love building relationships with people.


What degree are you currently pursuing?

Human services!


What is your favorite class at Grace?

I really like the theology and Bible classes. We never had any classes like that at my high school and it’s cool to learn about that stuff.


If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Ooh! To fly, because then you don’t have to do anything, you can just fly! That would be awesome. Never have to pay for a plane ticket again. Never have to walk across the street to the JAC. I would take advantage of that one.


A penguin walks in wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

Um… he’d say, “I’m sick of the cold! It’s time for a vacation!” You know, typical penguin talk.


You can only choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life; which song is it?

For a Christian song, I would choose “Fix Your Eyes” by King & Country. If it had to be anything else, it would be either “Africa” by Toto or “Carry on My Wayward Son.”


Have you ever found a Biblical image on a piece of toast?

No, but I’ve found other things!


What do you do if a baby won’t stop staring at you in public?

I just get really awkward and I’ll look away, and then turn back and kinda cover my face. And then the parents start staring at me and it gets really uncomfortable and I try to avoid eye contact…  Moral of the story: walk away!


What is a funny story about yourself?

One time I broke my arm and would not accept that my arm was broken, even though it was literally bent. Looking back, I thought that was kind of funny.


What’s next in your future?

I hope to get an entry-level job for human services. Maybe an office job at the Salvation Army helping people get the services they need. I’ll probably stay local and settle down soon.


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