Testimony From Recent Grad, Jessica Turnbough

Jessica with Lizz NilesJessica playing strings“Three years ago I was planning on getting married (he had a ring and was going to propose) and I wanted to move from Spokane, WA toward the coast of Washington. I had already graduated with my AA degree from a community college. I was NOT looking for another college. But the Worship Arts ministry tour came to my church and changed my direction. Literally. I was headed west and God showed me the road east to Grace Christian University, way east. Several people came up to me and said they could see me doing that, traveling and singing. My dad was sure it was God’s plan for me. I reluctantly looked into it and watched every tiny detail fall into place. I can’t explain how right it felt. God intervened and changed my course. 

My experience at Grace has been a greenhouse for my relationship with God. He has used it to teach me so much about Him, His provision and love, about myself, and about others. I wouldn’t have the time to tell of every incredible detail of what I have learned! God has faithfully used my time in classes, the friendships I’ve made, the
examples of my instructors’ lives, and the amazing opportunities I have had to shape me into a more confident follower of Jesus who is so much more aware of how much I need to depend on Him for everything. So many times He has guided me to step out into things that challenged me to depend on Him even more. I was an RA my junior year and learned so much about how much He can be trusted to take care of those I want to take care of, but am not able to. Those who told me they could see me traveling and singing with a group turned out to be right. I had the most incredible opportunity to be on a team like the one that had come to my church two years ago and traveled around the northwest with the most talented musicians.

Jessica with husbandJessica with diplomaAnother amazing opportunity that stretched me was being a part of the mission trip to Puerto Rico my senior year. I loved this experience so much I didn’t want to leave, but wanted to continue to be a part of the ministry there at Camp Caribe. So when I graduated a few months later, I was ready to go back. This summer I will be there for two months working at the camp to help with the teams that come down to the camp, teams just like the one I was a part of. 

Much of my story at Grace has been opportunities of growth that equipped me to give back to those things I was able to be a part of. I’ve seen God use my skills and develop them through the guidance and care of those who have been a part of my life during this time, my family, friends, instructors, those at my church, and the Lord Himself.”

– Jessica Turnbough (2012-2015)


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