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Robin Gould, Founder and Editor

For senior Robin Gould, writing has always been her passion. “I know that writing is my passion and something I believe God has gifted me to share.” Three months ago, the idea of creating a student-led webpage came into her mind. She was coming home from volleyball regionals when one of her teammates said, “I wish we knew more about what happens at Grace.” This stirred a vision in her mind.

Gould is majoring in Professional Writing with a minor in English. She decided that she needed to use what she has been learning and turn it into something bigger than just school work.

“I wanted to start up a student-led webpage that showed Grace through our eyes. I was nervous that nobody would be interested in covering events, interviewing people, and writing in general. I was nervous to even ask others to join me because it was going to be a big project to start up. Fortunately, I was very wrong.”

The student-led webpage is called The Vision because it is what students see. The statement is simple, “We believe that student voices need to be heard.” The Vision team wants to write what they see and feel about campus and the community surrounding it. Gould only hopes that the articles shared resembles a passion for writing, creativity, and gives people a well-rounded view of Grace Christian University and the Wyoming community. As of right now, there are four other core writers: Chris Smith, Andi Bojanhen, Taylor Wahl and Kelsie Knebl. Robin Gould will be the student leader, head editor, and doing some writing of her own.

Picture Of Chris Smith

Chris Smith / Junior
Major: Youth Ministry
He enjoys writing about sporting events.
Fun Fact: He was in the military stationed in San Diego, CA.

Picture Of Andi Bojanhen

Andi Bojanhen / Senior
Major: Worship Arts and Youth Ministry
She loves to write and joined the Vision to be more involved.
Fun Fact: She is a double major and that is uncommon at Grace.

Picture Of Taylor Wahl

Taylor Wahl / Senior
Major: Human Services
She is very passionate about writing and is currently writing about Black History Month happening at Grace.
Fun Fact: She is a traveler and has been to Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Canada, and Uganda. She hopes to travel even more!

Picture Of Kelsie Knebl

Kelsie Knebl / Freshman
Major: Pre-physical Therapy
She is in charge of the Student Spotlight section each month because she loves getting to know new people.
Fun Fact: She really loves all things Disney!

If you are interested in joining the Vision or have any ideas that you believe will benefit this team, contact

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