Top 5 Reasons Not to Have a Will

Everyone knows it’s good to have an up-to-date Will, right? You may be surprised to learn that a whopping 70% of Americans don’t have one. That number represents millions of families who will discover an unfortunate surprise at the end of their loved one’s life. Proverbs 29:11 says “…the wise bring calm in the end.” Wouldn’t you rather leave your family and the ministries you care about like Grace Christian University with peace, blessing and “calm in the end?” Having an up-to-date Estate Plan is the ultimate way of expressing love to your family. When we get our financial affairs in order, we ensure that our assets can be efficiently transferred to the individuals and organizations we care about most. Additionally, for believers who want to practice good stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to them, Estate Planning is a wise decision… Or you could consider the alternative.

Here are the top 5 (tongue in cheek) reasons not to have a Will:

  1. I like to see my family fight.
  2. My elected officials can handle this better than I can.
  3. My minor children will be in good hands with a State agency.
  4. My spouse and children can handle large sums of money.
  5. I’m not alive, why should I care?


Will your Estate Plan leave “calm in the end?”


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