Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

Grace Christian University is committed to furthering biblical higher education and doing this within the City of Wyoming. Over the past 10 years, Grace Christian University has seen tremendous growth. In order to accommodate the needs of a growing and diverse student population, GCU established a Campus Master Plan. Here you will find information regarding GCU’s Campus Master Plan including where we have been and where we are going.

Current Project

Previous Projects

Expanded Dining Hall and Food Service

Future Projects

(3) (5) Music, Worship, Technology Classrooms and  Baker Chapel Expansion 
(2) Jack T. Dean Academic Center Office and Classroom Expansion
(4) Business and Administration Center
(6) Aldrich Athletic Center Expansion
(7) (8) Additional Student Housing
Velting Field Renovation

Grace Christian University PUD

Unanimously approved by the City of Wyoming on March 2, 2020, the various contiguous properties of Grace Christian University are now zoned under the specific PUD-4 for the University. Grace Christian University is thankful to the City of Wyoming for its assistance. Numbers represented on the PUD map match the project list above.

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