4+1 Program


The 4+1 Program allow students in select Grace bachelor degree programs to streamline the path directly into a Grace master program. By beginning graduate coursework during the bachelor program, students may apply up to four graduate-level courses (maximum of 12 credits) to both the bachelor and master degrees*. Students should contact an academic advisor to discuss any questions about the program.

Other Benefits Include:

• Cost savings toward graduate degree

• Strategic planning for electives in bachelor program

• Opportunity to experience graduate-level coursework without committing to a graduate program

Graduate Degrees Available:

• Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership (MA-HEL)

          • Master of Arts in Ministry (MAMin)

• Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MAOL)

• Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Students who complete 4+1 courses with at least a B- will receive advanced standing in the selected graduate program, depending on the courses taken. These courses may be transferable to other institutions at the discretion of the receiving institution. 4+1 students must formally apply to the graduate program after earning the bachelor degree.

* Students may elect to enroll in one to four graduate-level courses to count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. The courses available are dependent upon the student’s
selected graduate degree program. The number of graduate courses taken and the course availability may impact the length of time to degree completion for both the undergraduate and
graduate degrees.

An On Campus undergraduate student is eligible to take up to four 4+1 courses if the student:

• Is in good academic standing

• Has earned at least a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate coursework at Grace

• Has accumulated at least 60 credits