Academic Accommodations

Grace Christian University will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities or who
may need accommodations in compliance with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and with
the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The purpose of academic accommodation is to provide
equal access to educational opportunities to students with disabilities. Grace does not intend that
academic standards be altered, nor that the essential elements of programs or courses are changed.
Grace will adhere to the New 508 Compliance Rule, ensuring all content is accessible.

A student who has a documented disability may apply for accommodations by completing the
Accommodation Request Form.

Accommodations are granted on the basis of determined need and appropriate documentation
of disabilities. A student must complete the Accommodation Request Form and must provide
documentation supporting the current need for the requested accommodation. This must include the
most recent school record such as an individualized educational plan (IEP), and/or medical records
detailing a diagnosed disability. If an IEP or 504 plan is more than three years old, the student
should request a letter from his/her doctor detailing the current need for the accommodation being
requested. To be deemed appropriate documentation, testing and assessment of a disability must
have been completed no more than five years prior to the application for accommodations.

The Accommodation Request Form and supporting documentation will be reviewed by
the Accommodations Review Committee (ARC). The process of determining eligibility for
accommodations may take several weeks, so a student desiring accommodations should complete an
Accommodation Request Form and submit appropriate documentation well in advance of admission
or the next term/semester in which accommodations are desired.

If the requested academic accommodation is approved, the student will be notified via an official
verification letter sent to his or her student email account. The decision to use the available academic
accommodation lies solely with the student for each course. Should the student desire to use the
accommodation, it is his or her responsibility to inform each professor at the start of the course that
he or she will be taking advantage of the accommodations available. Any questions about these
accommodations should be directed to the Accommodation Review Committee via onlineregistrar@ or (616) 261-8586.

If a student’s request for academic accommodations is denied by the Accommodation Review
Committee, the committee will notify the student via an official letter in an email sent to the
student email account.

In the event that a student has questions regarding eligibility for accommodations, providing
appropriate documentation of disabilities, or handling a disagreement with a professor over
questions of accommodation, the student should contact the academic advisor or the Registrar’s
Office immediately. If a disagreement arises surrounding eligibility for services or the manner in
which a specific accommodation is being implemented, the student has a right to informal and formal
grievance procedures.