Academic Standing


Official classifications are made by the Registrar’s Office at the beginning of each academic semester (fall and spring). Transfer credit hours are included in the credits counted toward class standing once an official transcript has been received by the Registrar’s Office and the credits have been applied to the student’s transcript.

Student class standing and enrollment status are classified as indicated in the following tables:

Class Standing by Earned Credit Hours

Class Standing Cumulative Earned Credit Hours
Freshman 0-27.99
Sophomore 28-55.99
Junior 56-84.99
Senior 85+

Student Status by Enrolled Credit Hours per Semester

Status Credit Hours per Semester
Full-time 12-18
Part-time 1-11.5
3/4 time 9-11.5
1/2 time 6-8.5
Less than half time .5-5.5
Non-Degree Seeking Fewer than 9; taking courses without the intention of pursuing a degree
Dual-Enrolled Fewer than 6; courses double count for high school and college credit


Academic standing is based on the student’s completed semester grade point average (GPA) and cumulative GPA. Academic standing is not the same as Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Registrar’s Office staff will verify academic standing after the completion of each semester according to the table below. The Registrar will notify students on their academic standing upon the completion of each semester.

Due to the difference in the academic calendar/course schedule between Online and On Campus undergraduate programs, the following distinctions apply to the academic standing policy:

On Campus undergraduate students who are part-time (less than 12 credits attempted in a given semester) will be reviewed for suspension or probation on a case-by-case basis and offered support services accordingly. Part-time On Campus students will not be evaluated for Dean’s List, or President’s List.

Academic Standing by Cumulative Credits and GPA

Total Cumulative Credit Hours Attempted* Semester GPA for Academic Probation Cumulative GPA for Academic Suspension
12**-18 < 1.50 < 1.00
19-37 < 1.75 < 1.25
38+ < 2.00 < 1.50

* Applied transfer coursework will be counted toward total semester credits earned.

** Students with fewer than 12 credits earned will be reviewed for probation and suspension on a
case-by-case basis.


At the conclusion of each student’s semester, the University will recognize those students who have successfully completed a minimum of 12 graded credits within a single semester (full time). Students who earn a semester grade point average of 3.50-3.99 will be named to the Dean’s List, while those achieving a semester grade point average of 4.0 will be named to the President’s List. The students who achieve the Dean’s List or President’s List criteria will receive a notification at the time of qualification. Spring semester recipients will be recognized in the Journey Magazine published by Grace Christian University once per year.


The purpose of Academic Probation is not to punish, but rather provide the resources to empower the student to become academically successful and to make positive progress toward graduation. Students who remain on Academic Probation for two consecutive semesters and fail to obtain both the semester and cumulative GPA requirements specified will be Academically Suspended.

Undergraduate Students: Any On Campus student who is placed on Academic Probation will be required to limit the credits in the probationary semester to no more than 14, and to enroll in the GEN 100 or GEN 120 Academic Success Program. Any exceptions are by the consent of the Associate Provost. The student’s eligibility for extracurricular activities may be restricted as determined by the Associate Provost.


Any student who fails to reach the cumulative GPA required to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress will be academically suspended for the next semester. A student who is academically suspended will not be allowed to enroll in any courses for the equivalent of one semester.

A student who is academically suspended for the first time may be considered for re-admission to the University after one semester of absence by completing the Application for Re-Entry. If the application is approved by the Registrar and Dean or Admissions Committee, the student will be allowed to return on Academic Probation.

A student who is academically suspended for a second time must petition the Educational Policies Committee for re-entry after one semester of absence. The petition must include evidence that the difficulties previously encountered have been overcome and that completion of the degree requirements can reasonably be expected. The decision of the Educational Policies Committee is final, with no option to appeal.

A student who becomes academically suspended because of extenuating circumstances may appeal the decision to the Educational Policies Committee. A student’s participation in academic support efforts (GEN 100, GEN 120 or an Academic Success Plan) will be considered when making this determination. The appeal must be submitted within four weeks of receiving notification of the suspension.