Online Undergraduate Course Attendance & Participation


For Online programs, learner attendance is defined by posting once per calendar week (not weekly content) in response to discussion questions or assignments (academic work). Emailing other course participants (including the faculty) does not count towards attendance.


When a student drops or withdraws from a class, the last date of attendance (LDA) is to be reported as the last calendar date a student submitted academic work. Academic work could be a discussion board post or an assignment. If no academic work is submitted, the student’s LDA is considered prior to the start of the class. The LDA determines the refund of tuition as well as any required return of financial aid funds.


Participation differs from attendance. While a learner may be in attendance (having submitted academic work), the participation may not be exemplary. Participation in a class involves being interactive with fellow learners and faculty, whether in discussions, activities, or projects. Participation in each course will vary depending on the circumstances.


A student who is inactive in Week 1 and Week 2 may be administratively dropped from the course.  A $100 drop fee will apply.

A student who attends a course during Week 1 and/or Week 2 of the course and is then inactive in the course for two consecutive weeks may be administratively withdrawn from the course and issued a W grade. Whether the student’s last date of attendance in the course is during Week 1 or Week 2 of the course will determine the refund and fees implications.

A student who is withdrawn or dropped from a course due to two consecutive weeks of inactivity and is inactive in his or her next course may be administratively withdrawn from the institution.


In the event of a personal emergency, the student should contact their instructor and academic advisor as soon as safely possible.  Accommodations for such emergency situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the approval of the faculty and/or administration.


If Grace Christian University closes due to inclement weather, Online courses will remain open and attendance will be expected.