Catalog Year Policy

The academic catalog is not a contract between Grace Christian University and the student. Grace makes every effort to include applicable academic and non-academic information available at the time of publishing the annual catalog. While all students must follow academic programs as listed in the catalog in effect at the time of entrance or re-entry to the university, any policy changes instituted by the faculty or administration become effective when official notification is published unless otherwise stated and may differ from the entering catalog. Undergraduate Students are expected to satisfy the degree requirements of the respective entry year catalog within eight years. After a period of eight years or upon re-entry to the institution, a student will be expected to satisfy the degree requirements in effect at the time of re-entry. Students may request a different catalog under which to graduate. The new catalog must be dated later than the entry year catalog, and must be in effect while the student is enrolled at Grace. Students must complete all of the degree requirements as they appear in the catalog of record, including Arts and Sciences Core, Bible and Theology Core, Major, Minor and Concentration.