Course Repeat Policy

Students are permitted to take a course in which an unsatisfactory grade was achieved during a previous period of enrollment for the purpose of meeting a degree requirement, earning a higher grade point average and improved learning. In such situations, registration for the course and payment of the related tuition and fees at the current tuition rates are required. The grade achieved by the repeated course supersedes the initial grade in relation to the cumulative GPA calculation, though the initial grade will remain on the permanent transcript record with an “R” (repeated) designation. A withdraw (W) does not count as an attempt for academic or financial aid purposes.

Procedure for Online Students

Courses designated as foundational or a required competency for future success in the program should be passed with at least a D grade before the student will be allowed to progress in the program. For Online students, courses designated as foundational are GEN 122, BUS 115, ENG 105, and ENG 300.

Repeat #1:

Students are allowed to continue with the next course on their Education Plan after not successfully completing the previous course, but the Academic Advisor will work with the student to schedule a time to repeat the course in order for the student to stay on track toward degree completion. If the course in question is one of the foundational courses (GEN 122 BUS 115, ENG 105, or ENG 300), it should be scheduled in the next term on the Education Plan.

Repeat #2:

If the student’s second attempt to complete the class is not successful, the Academic Advisor will reach out to engage the student in support services and available resources, and will draft an academic success plan. The student is strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the support services in order to maximize the potential for success. The advisor will also assure that the student is aware of the financial aid limitations before scheduling a second repeat of the course.

Repeat #3:

In cases where the student has been unable to successfully complete the same course after three attempts the student will be required to take a break for at least one term. Prior to returning, the student should submit a Course Repeat Request Form for review by the Associate Provost. The Associate Provost will review the student’s full academic record in addition to the details included on the request form before making a determination about allowing the student to return. Upon return, the student will be required to work with the Grace ACE and follow an academic success plan.

Repeating a Passed Course

In certain instances, a student may wish to repeat a passed course to raise his/her grade point average (GPA) or to refresh knowledge of specific content. Financial aid may be available to help pay for a repeated course if the student’s existing grade in the course is an F/E or W. If the student received a passing grade (D- or better), financial aid may be used to repeat the course only one time. Financial aid is not available for coursework completed in a previously earned certificate or degree program