Graduate Online Registration Information


A student’s first term of registration is completed through the initial enrollment process. The Enrollment Advisor assists the applicant with understanding and access to program information and resources. Upon formal admission, the student is provided a student-specific degree program (an education plan) and registered for classes. The Registrar’s Office staff will register the student for subsequent semesters approximately 10-15 weeks before the semester begins. The student is not required to register him or herself each semester; however, any desired change in registration must be discussed with an academic advisor in a timely manner. Ultimately, the student will be enrolled each term for his or her entire program according to the student’s education plan by completing the initial enrollment process. A student may cancel his or her registration at any time according to the policy and refund schedule below.


  • A course dropped during the first week of the class will not be entered on a student’s academic record.
  • A course dropped​ after the first week of the class will be recorded on the student’s academic record as ​W​ (withdrew passing) or ​WF​ (withdrew failing).
  • Any student who discontinues attending a course for more than 8 days without officially withdrawing will be automatically withdrawn from the class with a WF on their transcript.


Students who withdraw from the University or from a particular course in which they are enrolled may be eligible to receive a refund. Students must notify the Registrar’s Office of their intention to withdraw and process an official withdrawal form. Refunds will be based on the date of actual notification rather than course participation or attendance.

If courses are dropped, the following schedule of tuition refunds applies:

  • During the first week of the course – 100% refund on basis of registered hours;
  • During the second week of the course – 75% refund;
  • During the third week of the course – 50% refund;
  • After the third week of the course – no refund;
  • If for disciplinary reasons – no refund;
Weeks Enrolled Percentage of Tuition Refund
1 100%
2 75%
3 50%
4-6 No Refund


​When a student finds it necessary to withdraw from the University during or at the end of a semester, he/she must obtain an Official Withdrawal Form from the Graduate Studies Office. The student must obtain the proper signatures and return the form before the withdrawal is complete.