Graduation & Commencement


In order to receive a diploma and be invited to participate in the commencement ceremony, the student must apply to graduate by filling out the Graduation Application Form. Students are
encouraged to submit their Graduation Application Form at least six months prior to the anticipated completion date. Once the application for graduation is received by the Registrar’s Office, the student will be charged a non-refundable graduation fee for each degree earned: $100 for associate and bachelor degrees), and master degrees ($150)). The Registrar will audit the student’s records for degree completion. If there are outstanding requirements that have not been addressed, the Registrar will notify the Academic Advisor and the student. If all degree requirements are either met or pending completion, the student will be notified of the pending conferral date. As long as there is not an outstanding balance on the student’s account, and it has no holds, the diploma will be mailed to the address on the application for graduation or on file at Grace, whichever is more recent. If a student has not met the degree requirements at the final degree audit, the Registrar will notify the student and the advisor. The student will be required to reapply to graduate for the next conferral date he/she is eligible for.


Candidates for degrees may participate in the commencement service in the spring of each academic year. In order to be included in the annual commencement ceremony, the student must apply to graduate by January 15. If the application is not received by that date, the student may not be able to participate in the commencement. It is expected that students will have successfully fulfilled all degree requirements prior to the commencement ceremony. If the student desires to walk in the commencement before completing all degree requirements, s/he may petition to be allowed to do so. The petition should include specific rationale for the request to walk early, and a detailed description of the remaining degree requirements and how/when they will be completed.
Students who wish to participate in the commencement ceremony will order their cap and gown regalia from the university’s third-party vendor, paying the vendor directly for the cost. Students who choose to participate in the commencement ceremony and have met the requirements for the honors or high honors designation will be provided the honor cord at no cost.


Undergraduate students participating in the Annual Commencement Ceremony will be honored for their achievement with the privilege of wearing a silver cord representing Honors (3.30 – 3.69) or a gold cord for High Honors (3.70 – 4.00). The graduation honors grade point average is based on the cumulative GPA for all completed coursework as of the final commencement program printing date . Only Grace Christian University credits will be used to determine academic honors. A final audit will determine the graduation honors to be awarded at the time of degree conferral.
Undergraduate students with a final cumulative grade point average of Honors (3.30 – 3.69) or High Honors (3.70 – 4.00) will receive the corresponding sticker affixed to their diploma and a notation on the official transcript.


Students may be selected for various graduation awards upon meeting the specific academic and/ or character requirements.


A diploma may be reordered at the request of the student. The cost for a replacement diploma is $45, which must be paid prior to the order. The request for a reprint of a diploma dated more than
one year from the request will have an additional $45 fee assessed to cover an additional fee from the supplier. Contact the Registrar’s Office to request a replacement diploma: onlineregistrar@