Grievance Procedure

Most matters of conflict or disagreement can be resolved by meeting individually with the offending party. Grace Christian University asks that any member of the community with a complaint against another member or entity first attempt to seek a resolution by meeting with the individual with whom they are in conflict. Whether or not an individual meeting has taken place, students have the right to submit a formal complaint. This process is initiated by completing a Formal Grievance Form. The Academic Provost maintains a record of these complaints as well as the processing of complaints according to University policies.

If the student is not able to satisfactorily resolve the complaint or grievance with the University, the student has the right to submit his or her complaint to the State of Michigan or either of the Institution’s accrediting bodies:

• Higher Learning Commission:

• Commission on Accreditation, Association for Biblical Higher Education:

• Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs: