Online Academic Information

Unit of Credit

The unit of credit is the semester hour. A semester hour represents 2,250 minutes of coursework or its equivalent. Due to the program’s online format, courses have been designed to total the requisite hours of study for each three-credit class.

The following table represents the minimum workload for each type of course. Workload includes student engagement in reading, research, online discussions, assignment preparation, and writing.

Type of Course Minimum Work Load
All undergraduate three-credit courses
112.5 hours
All undergraduate two credit courses
(on-campus only)
75 hours
All undergraduate one-credit courses
(on-campus only)
37.5 hours

Course Numbers

Courses numbered 100-299 are Lower Division courses and are generally for freshman and sophomore students. Courses numbered 300-499 are upper Division courses and are generally for junior and senior students.

Full-time Studies and Academic Overload

A full-time course load for Online students is 12 or more credit hours per semester with a single three credit course per five-week term. Students may request consent to register for more than three credit hours per term by completing the Credit Hour Overload Form. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, the prior semester GPA of 3.3 or higher, and 18 or more cumulative credits earned at Grace at the time of the request.

In order to continue taking more than three credits per term, the student must maintain the above criteria. The student will be monitored by advising and re-evaluated after each semester. A student may enroll in credit overload for eight terms per year. If a student drops below the required criteria, he/she will no longer be permitted to double-up unless the criteria are met again. If a student withdraws from one or more courses in two or more doubled-up terms, he/she will not be permitted to continue doubling up unless an exception is made by the Director of Advising.

Assessment Activities 

Because of its desire to improve the quality of education and services offered and a commitment to continuous improvement, the University regularly schedules assessment activities. These activities may include standardized tests, surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc. Students will receive prior notification of these activities so that they can plan accordingly.