Admission Requirements – Online Undergraduate Programs

Grace Christian University seeks to enroll students who desire a Christ-centered educational experience whose objectives can be served by its academically excellent and spiritually minded programs. Grace Online believes all students deserve a second chance for degree completion and career advancement. All students are recommended to apply for admission as soon as possible to give the optimal opportunity for timely admission, transfer credit evaluation, and receipt of textbooks.


1. High school diploma or equivalent

2. Completed Application (no application fee)

3. Ministry Reference (Leadership and Ministry majors only)

4. Additional documentation is required in order to receive the military discount or for Financial Aid


1. High school diploma or equivalent

2. Completed Application (no application fee required)

3. Ministry Reference (Leadership and Ministry majors only)

4. Official or unofficial college transcript(s). Submission of all official college transcripts is required by the end of the student’s first five-week course. Official transcripts may be requested as a part of financial aid verification at any time, regardless of whether or not the student is transferring coursework to Grace.

5. Additional documentation is required in order to receive the military discount or Financial Aid.


All standard admission criteria must be met. In addition, the following policy applies: Students who earn their high school diploma earlier than the traditional age may enroll in Grace’s undergraduate programs subject to the admissions standards in force at the time of their enrollment. If a student will not turn 18 by the end of his or her first semester at Grace, the student’s parent or guardian will sign a

SPECIAL ADMISSIONS AGREEMENT FOR DEGREE-SEEKING UNDERAGE STUDENTS. The form can be obtained by the Registrar’s Office or Enrollment staff.


Full Admission

An applicant is given full admission to Grace Christian University when the criteria for admission have been met. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Conditional/Provisional Admission

Students may start courses before the admissions process is complete, but must have all required pieces submitted by the end of the first course. Students may be provisionally admitted to the program by submitting unofficial transcripts before official transcripts are received by the University. Official transcripts must be submitted to the Registrar’s office by the end of the first class. Students without official transcripts on file by the stated deadline can be denied further registration until all requirements are met. See the Transfer Credit section for more information on the transfer credit process.

Non-Degree Seeking Student Admission

A student who wishes to take courses without seeking a degree may attend Grace Online. The applicant must complete an Application for Admission. The student is responsible for communicating his/her course registration desires to the Academic Advising department a minimum of three weeks prior to the start of a term in order to avoid additional charges. Students with a non-degree seeking status are not eligible for state or federal financial aid. A payment plan must be arranged with the Business Office prior to enrollment.

Denied Admission

Grace Online desires to admit all students and has an open door, right-to-try philosophy, which means:

• We admit students without regard to race, sex, national origin or disability;

• We reserve the right to deny admission to any potential student who may be disruptive to the educational environment of the University, including those with felony convictions;

• Any student found to have falsified information on an admission document may be denied admission to the University or may be expelled if already in attendance.

Individuals who have been denied admission may appeal to the Academic Dean by written statement and testimony.

Applicants with Prior Criminal History

Grace Christian University will not ask applicants for the Online and Graduate Online programs to disclose felony convictions. If admitted online students choose to participate in athletics or decide to change to the On Campus program, the University will implement the same background check process as for On Campus students. The University reserves the right to conduct the felony background check process for Online students whose activities create regular physical interaction with other students or Grace employees.

Grace Christian University considers it the applicant’s responsibility to understand how criminal convictions or other matters of personal history may hinder or prevent employment in their degree field.