Online Programs at Grace Christian University

Grace Christian University desires that students graduate with a greater knowledge of both Jesus Christ and their chosen career path. The mission at Grace Christian University is to Graduate Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society!

The Online program was developed to meet the needs of busy adult learners. Grace Online students are typically employed part-time or full-time and are interested in completing their degree while continuing to work. Grace Online provides students the opportunity to begin classes at different times of the year and attend class online on a year-round basis, thus allowing earlier completion of the degree than through traditional means when attending only part-time.

Grace Online offers the following degrees:

Associate of Arts

• Business

• General Studies

• Leadership and Ministry

• Social Science

Bachelor of Science

• Business

• Criminal Justice

• Global Communication

• Human Services

• Leadership and Ministry

• Psychology

The Bachelor of Science majors in Leadership and Ministry, Human Services, and Psychology include the potential of 12 credits of electives. Students may choose from one of the following elective tracks or select their own individual electives. Elective Tracks do not appear on the diploma, nor are they documented on the student’s official transcript.

• Business

• Criminal Justice

• Global Communication

• Leadership and Ministry

• Pastoral Studies (Leadership and Ministry students only)

• Social Sciences



To increase access to education and meet the flexibility needs of busy adult learners, courses and programs are offered through online delivery. In online courses, students complete their weekly learning activities (reading, discussions, assignments) in an asynchronous way (i.e. not necessarily at the same time as others). Each course contains a complete syllabus and course guide with learning activities and due dates for each week.

Within the Blackboard learning environment, navigation buttons provide ease of maneuvering through the course sections. Email allows students to communicate with the instructor, while the electronic discussion board capabilities allow students and instructor to post, share, and read threaded discussions, questions, and comments. Students must use Microsoft Word documents when submitting assignments. Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher will be needed for some courses; an Office 365 subscription is provided at no-additional-cost to the student. Students should expect to spend approximately 20 or more hours per week engaged in coursework.


Students in the Online programs have the potential to:

• Complete an Associate of Arts degree in as little as two years

• Complete a Bachelor of Science degree in as little as two years (with a prior Associate degree earned)

• Convert significant prior learning into college credit by submitting a thorough portfolio demonstrating prior college-level learning

• Attend class asynchronously online and minimize interference from work schedules and family responsibilities

• Improve written, oral, and computer skills, and strengthen their ability to maximize ministry responsibilities and/or leadership skills

• Meet in a collaborative format and benefit from the varied experiences and ideas of classmates

• Obtain a degree that opens a wide range of opportunities, including pursuing graduate studies

• Attend small virtual classes with the same students, developing teamwork skills and mutual support

• Receive individualized instruction and specific attention

• Gain satisfaction by fulfilling an educational goal