Registration, Schedule Changes & Leave of Absence


A student’s first term of registration is completed through the initial enrollment process. The Enrollment Advisor assists the applicant with understanding and access to program information and resources. Upon formal admission, the student is provided a student-specific degree program (an education plan) and registered for classes. The Registrar’s Office staff will register the student for the upcoming semester. The student is not required to register him or herself each semester; however, any desired change in the education plan must be discussed with an Academic Advisor in a timely manner. Ultimately, the student will be enrolled each term for his or her entire program according to the student’s education plan by completing the initial enrollment process.


A drop or withdrawal from a course or program may require adjustments to a student’s financial aid and/or account balance as required by the U.S. Department of Education, the State of Michigan, or other grant/scholarship issuers. The Financial Aid office makes determinations and necessary adjustments based upon the documentation of the course or program withdrawal. The student is responsible for any outstanding balance incurred as a result of this process. Students should also be aware that drops and withdrawals can affect the student’s completion rate. The University will retain a withdrawal fee of $100 for processing withdrawals of any kind. Students who wish to drop from a course should always make official contact via phone or email with an Academic Advisor.

Administratively-Initiated Schedule Changes

The University reserves the right to change a schedule including, but not limited to, combining sections or canceling any course, at any time. If the University cancels a course, students will be enrolled in another course, if possible. Cohort schedule changes should be rare but are done to maintain academic integrity, eliminate disruptions, or to maintain financial viability for the institution. The student is responsible to access his/her current education plan on a regular basis to remain aware of his or her course schedule. Academic Advising monitors weekly attendance for Online students. ONLINE UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC CATALOG 119 TABLE OF CONTENTS / Academic Information

The following administrative actions may take place as a result of non-attendance:

• A student who does not participate in two consecutive weeks of a term may be administratively dropped from the course. A $100 drop fee will apply.

• A student who attends a course during Week 1 and/or Week 2 of the course and is then inactive in the course for two consecutive weeks may be administratively withdrawn from the course and issued a W grade. The student’s last date of attendance in the course (during Week 1 or Week 2) will determine the refund and fee implications.

• A student who is withdrawn or dropped from a course due to two consecutive weeks of inactivity and is inactive in his or her next course may be administratively withdrawn from the institution.


In the Online program, a student is considered to have withdrawn from a payment period or period of enrollment if the student is not scheduled to begin another course within a payment period or period of enrollment for more than 45 calendar days after the end of the module the student ceased attending, unless the student is on an approved leave of absence (from the federal aid handbook).

A leave of absence (LOA), for Return of Title IV funds purposes, is a temporary interruption in a student’s program of study. LOA refers to the specific time period during a program when a student is not in attendance. A leave of absence is not required if a student is not in attendance for an institutionally scheduled break or for one, five-week term. However, a scheduled break may occur during a LOA.

A LOA must meet certain conditions to be counted as a temporary interruption in a student’s education instead of being counted as a withdrawal requiring a school to perform a return-of-aid calculation. If an LOA does not meet the conditions in 34 CFR 668.22(d), the student is considered to have ceased attendance and to have withdrawn from the school, and the school is required to perform a return-of-aid calculation.

To qualify as an approved LOA:

• Grace must have a formal written policy regarding leaves of absence requiring that all requests for leaves of absence be submitted in writing and include the reason for the student’s request

• The student must follow the school’s policy in requesting the LOA

• There must be a reasonable expectation that the student will return from the LOA • Grace must approve the student’s request for a LOA in accordance with its policy

• Grace may not assess the student any additional institutional charges, the student’s need may not increase, and therefore, the student is not eligible for any additional federal student aid

• The LOA, together with any additional leaves of absence, must not exceed a total of 180 days in any 12-month period ONLINE UNDERGRADUATE ACADEMIC CATALOG 120 TABLE OF CONTENTS / Academic Information

• Except in a clock-hour or non-term credit-hour program, a student returning from an LOA must resume training at the same point in the academic program that he or she began the LOA

• If the student is a Title IV loan recipient, the school must explain to the student, prior to granting the LOA, the effects that the student’s failure to return from an LOA may have on the student’s loan repayment terms, including the expiration of the student’s grace period.

A student granted a LOA that meets the criteria in this section is not considered to have withdrawn, and no return-of-aid calculation is required. Upon the student’s return from the leave, he or she continues to earn the federal student aid previously awarded for the period.

Grace will believe, before it grants a LOA, that there is a reasonable expectation that the student will return from the leave. Therefore, the reason for a student’s leave request is included on the Leave of Absence Application.

A student should consult with an academic advisor and apply in advance for a LOA unless unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from doing so.

Program Withdrawal

If a student wishes to leave the program or institution permanently, they may begin the process by contacting their assigned Academic Advisor.

Course Drop

Students who wish to drop from a course should always make official contact via phone or email with Grace Online Academic Advising.

• Students who do not attend or participate in any sessions of a course within the first or second week can be administratively dropped from their course as initiated by the instructor, advisor, or other administrators. The course will not be transcribed on the student’s record.

• Account implications include:

• 100% tuition refund

• 50% resource fee refund

• $100 processing fee

• If a student has already received textbooks for the courses it is recommended that the student contact to request a return shipping label to return the text(s) for credit. Many courses change books or update editions without notice. Books that are not returned are subject to additional fees.

Course Withdrawal

If a student needs or desires to withdraw from a course, the student should notify the Grace Online Academic Advising Team as soon as possible, preferably fifteen (15) days before class is scheduled to begin. If the student is withdrawn after the books have already been shipped, the student will be required to request a return shipping label and mail the books back to in order to avoid being charged.

If a student attends (attendance is satisfied when a learner posts a message or submits an assignment anywhere in the online classroom) the account implications are as follows:

• Attendance during week 1:

• 80% tuition refund

• 50% resource fee refund

• $100 processing fee

• Issued a W on the official transcript

• Attendance during Week 2:

• 50% tuition refund

• 50% resource fee refund

• $100 processing fee

• Issued a W on the official transcript

• Attendance during or after week 3:

• 0% tuition refund

• 0% resource fee refund

• Issued the earned grade on the official transcript

• Any student administratively withdrawn from a course due to plagiarism or other disciplinary reasons will receive a grade of an F without any tuition or fees refunded.

Other fees– No other fees are refundable.