Study Abroad

Grace Christian University seeks to graduate culturally intelligent leaders who are prepared to serve Christ in Church and society in an increasingly complex global marketplace. The opportunity to pursue an education in a cross-cultural context presents students with a unique learning experience that ties curriculum content to practical life experiences and fosters a sense of cultural awareness and partnership in God’s work around the world. Grace has a Study Abroad Scholarship to support students desiring to participate in cross-cultural experiences. Scholarship information can be found at Students interested in study abroad opportunities may contact an academic advisor for more information.

Even though participating in study abroad is not required, it is greatly encouraged in order that students can gain a greater understanding of the world around them and can be better prepared for the field they are entering. Students who do not wish to earn credit for the experience may join the trip as a guest and enjoy all the benefits without the course-work. Study abroad options available at Grace vary from year to year, but may include:

• Faculty-led Programs

• Semester Abroad

• International Internships

• Experiential and Mission Trips

• GAP Year

• Partnership Programs

Detailed information can be found at