University Partnerships

Grace Christian University has developed partnerships with several organizations to allow college credit to be awarded or granted based on the completion of a specific program that has been evaluated by Grace. Grace reserves the right to review or change these partnerships at any time. Contact the specific organization or Grace directly ( for more specific information.


A contractual arrangement to grant college credit for completing an approved program of study has been reached with the following organizations:


Grace Christian University has entered into agreements with the following institutions to accept credit from their programs in partial fulfillment of Grace degree programs as specified below.

Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) at Western Michigan University – Grand Rapids, MI Campus

Grace’s agreement with Western Michigan University’s ROTC program allows students to take 1-3 credits of military science coursework per semester at Western Michigan’s Grand Rapids location.

In order to qualify:

  1. Students complete the Michigan Uniform Guest Application to apply to attend WMU classes as a guest (Grace remains their home institution).
  2. Students enroll in the Military Science course based on their class standing at Grace:
    • Freshman: MSL 1010 (1 cr) /MSL 1020 (1 cr)
    • Sophomore: MSL 2010 (2 cr)/MSL 2020 (2 cr)
    • Junior: MSL 3010 (3 cr)/MSL 3020 (3 cr)
    • Senior: MSL 4010 (3 cr)/MSL 4020 (3 cr)

These courses will be transferred to the student’s Grace Christian University record via official transcript from Western Michigan University.

All of the courses are held at WMU’s extension campus in Grand Rapids on Wednesdays at 2 PM. There is a two-hour lab followed by a 1-3 hour class period (depending on the class standing/course).

In addition to the courses above, students are required to attend a field training 1 time per semester (a Friday-Sunday) and attend Basic and Advanced Camp during the summer.

The ROTC program students are eligible to apply for a GoArmyEd scholarship that is paid to the home institution to apply toward the student’s account.

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Students who have completed the requirements of the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) at a Michigan community college will be admitted to the college with junior status and having satisfied Grace Christian’s Arts and Sciences Core requirement (30 credits) for the bachelor degree. This agreement requires that the MTA is posted to the student’s official transcript submitted as part of the application process.

Community college students wishing to transfer to Grace Christian are encouraged to contact the Registrar’s Office at Grace Christian to discuss specific coursework that might be completed as part of the MTA degree program that will grant the student the most benefit toward the completion of the Grace degree.

School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT) – Ionia, MI

The agreement with the School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT) offers degree opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in missionary aviation. Students may combine SMAT training and Grace Christian University coursework in multiple ways to meet their goals.

  • Students may complete a SMAT program and transfer to Grace in an associate degree program.
    • Grace will transfer 12 credits of Undesignated Electives toward a 60-credit associate degree at Grace Christian University.
    • Students must earn the remaining 48 credits in residence at Grace.
  • Students may complete a SMAT program(s) and transfer the SMAT coursework to Grace to apply toward an On Campus Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies:
    • SMAT Aviation Flight Training program – 45 credits granted at transfer
    • SMAT Aviation Maintenance Technology program or both Maintenance and Flight Training programs – 60 credits granted at transfer
      • 21 credits of Undesignated Electives
      • 21 credits of Arts & Sciences electives
      • 18 credits of other degree requirements as determined in consultation with faculty Advisor
      • Students are responsible to complete all Arts and Sciences (30 credits) and Bible and Theology (18 credits) Core and additional credits to fulfill major and degree requirements for the Grace Christian University Bachelor of Science degree.

Students may also pursue non-degree options to obtain needed credits for their missionary aviation goals.