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Grace Chapels are a fantastic opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to come together as a community of believers to worship Jesus Christ for who He is and for what He has done. Worship Arts students prepare music and lead worship for over 50 chapels each year.

Voices: Heard & Unheard

This year, we are walking through the full narrative of the Bible. We want to use our chapel gatherings for fellowship and for biblical teaching. We’ll start with creation and finish with the birth of Jesus Christ first semester. In the Spring, we’ll cover the New Testament. A lot of people know Abraham and David – but what do they know about Hagar and Abigail? These are people God used, from whom we can learn a great deal, but they don’t often get time in the spotlight. This is true in our world today – there are many from whom we can learn, but only if we take time to listen. If this theme helps us better understand how to care for the “least of these” (as in Matthew 25:40) along the way, we can better glorify our Savior.

Summer Chapel Series

Summer 2020 was unique. We not only lived through COVID-19, but we also continued chapel through the summer for the first time. Because community is a big part of who we are, we decided it was important to use our light and continue engaging with our community. This mini-series is filled with recent alumni speaking on various passages throughout Scripture and breaking them down as the Holy Spirit revealed to them.


If God’s TRUTH is authentic, his Word has wisdom that impacts our lives today. If our FAITH is authentic, we can face this world with boldness, understanding God’s power is, greater than our temporary circumstances. If we authentically LOVE our brothers and sisters, we follow Christ’s example and show love that comes from above. If we commit ourselves to building authentic RELATIONSHIPS, we’ll value compassion, honesty, and vulnerability. If our WORSHIP is authentic, our moments of praise and reflection will be an overflowing of awe of God’s glory and our submission to His power. If we want authentic JOY, we’ll find lasting peace and our fullest life in Jesus Christ. If we seek an authentic PURPOSE for our lives, well look for opportunities to glorify God each day.

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