Student Counseling Center

Student Counseling Center

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The Student Counseling Center seeks to enhance the overall well-being of students through a gospel-centered approach that emphasizes hope and encourages ownership of the growth process. We desire that our students will thrive mentally, emotionally, and spiritually during their time at college.



The Student Counseling Center offers customized services to meet the needs and goals of our students. The level of recommended treatment is based on the individual mental health needs of the student. All students who seek counseling services will be scheduled for an initial intake appointment with a trained counselor to determine the best level of care.

The Student Counseling Center works closely with other on-campus resources. To support the needs of our students, the SCC can connect students to other services such as mentoring, community life, academic support, or our campus pastor. In addition, the SCC can also provide one-time consultation appointments for students who need to process through a specific problem or decision.

Wellness events are offered to students who want to participate in hands-on activities to improve their overall health. During these events students will also learn how to improve their lives and support others well. The student led Wellness Committee also hosts events, designs campaigns, and posts social media resources to benefit the wellness of the student body.

Wellness related groups are commonly offered throughout the semester. These opportunities are open to any student who is seeking extra support and personal growth. 

The Student Counseling Center offers individual counseling to on campus students based on the assessment of their initial Intake Appointment. Individual counseling sessions are limited in number per academic year. Our goal is to provide a therapeutic relationship and assist students with new skills that will empower them to make changes in their own lives. We hope that in working together, students move towards growth and experience a more fulfilling life.

The Grand Rapids area is home to many counseling services. A student may be referred to community providers and resources to provide the treatment level needed for the student. A counselor from the SCC will help students find the appropriate treatment to match their need.

In the event of an emergency, call 911, or contact Campus Security, 616-881-2803, at any time, day or night. If the situation warrants, Campus Security will communicate with a on-call Student Affairs staff who will assist you and/or consult with a Student Counseling Center counselor.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you may stop by or call the Student Counseling Center (616 – 538-2530) during office hours and indicate that you are in crisis.

Free, confidential 24/7 support: Crisis Text Line – text START to 741741

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – call 1-800-273-8255

Frequently Asked Questions

Approximately one out of five on campus Grace students seeks support from the Student Counseling Center each year, including students from a wide range of demographics, as well as a wide variety of majors and interests across campus. There is no right or wrong reason to seek counseling. If you are feeling stuck in negative or distressing thinking then counseling may be helpful for you. Here are some other reasons why students seek counseling: Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Sleep issues, Suicidal Thinking, Self-Harming Behaviors, Lack of Motivation, Relationship Issues, PTSD, Body Image, Anger Management, Eating Related Behaviors, Stress Management, Grief & Loss, really anything that may be causing you some level of distress.

On campus Grace students who are currently enrolled in classes and reside in the state of Michigan are eligible for services through the Student Counseling Center at no cost. If you are an online student, you may reach out to to receive information about providers and resources in your area.

Appointments at the Student Counseling Center can be made by calling (616) 538-2530 or sending an e-mail to Our office is located in the Student Affairs Center, around the corner from the weight room. During the school year, appointments are available Monday through Thursday 8:30a-5p. Crisis care is available for safety-related mental health emergencies.

Your first appointment is referred to as an Intake Appointment. You will be asked to fill out paperwork prior to coming to the intake appointment which will include demographic information, reason for your visit, and mental health history. This will include an informed consent form to read and sign. A counselor will then review your information and meet with you for approximately 45 – 60 minutes. The goal of the intake appointment is to assess your needs and customize services to best fit your personal goals. You and the counselor will review the Student Counseling Center resources available to you, and we will decide together on the next steps for services.

Yes! The Student Counseling Center takes confidentiality very seriously, and no information will be exchanged with individuals or agencies outside of our center unless you provide us with explicit consent to do so. Your Student Counseling Center record is not a part of your academic record, and information shared within counseling is not reported to Student Affairs, your parents, or anyone else without your written consent. We recognize that a safe and confidential environment is crucial in order for you to feel comfortable sharing personal information.

In rare circumstances, the confidentiality policy requires unauthorized disclosure of information. Such circumstances would include when the counselor believes the student’s life is in danger, when the safety of others is at risk, when there is suspicion of child or elder abuse, or when requested by subpoena or court order. If you have any questions or concerns about the confidentiality policy, please feel free to talk them over with your counselor.

Yes. The Student Counseling Center recognizes the Bible as the source for understanding how to respond well to the struggles of life. Yet sometimes people feel pressured by Christians to act, think and believe the “right way.” That is not our approach. We respect every person’s spiritual journey regardless of where it may be. We honor doubt and struggle and believe God does as well.

If you have a concern for a student, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or to refer students to the Student Counseling Center. Due to HIPAA and state confidentiality laws, counselors cannot discuss specific information regarding a student without a consent form signed by the student. However, we would be happy to offer tools on how to approach the student of concern. Treatment and referral resources are also available.

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Hours of Operation

Monday: 8a-5p
Tuesday: 8a-5p
Wednesday: 8a-5p
Thursday: 8a-5p

Location: Student Affairs Building – Rm 204 (Around the corner from the weight room)
Phone: (616) 538-2530
Fax: 616-538-0599


Amy Bolkcom, LPC
Career and Campus Counselor

Office: (616) 538-2530



    • MA Counselor Education – Western Michigan University
    • BA Psychology – Cornerstone University


Amy is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has experience working with college students regarding career development, relationship skills, anxiety and stress management, adjustment, depression, trauma, spiritual, and academic concerns. Amy has worked with students through individual and group counseling. She is excited about helping students identify their own goals and take responsibility for their own change. Through the counseling relationship, she desires students to gain new skills, feel empowered to grow, and have a place to tell their story. Amy has worked at Grace in many capacities. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, and eating ice cream.