Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care

Why am I here? What is God’s plan for my life? What does the Bible say about . . . .

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual well-being of all members of the Grace Christian University community is important. Because students have spiritual concerns and might be seeking guidance, Grace Christian University has trained faculty, staff, and students who are prepared to walk alongside students and answer spiritual questions with sound biblical truth.


Regular church attendance is essential to one’s spiritual health. The desire of Grace Christian University faculty and staff is for all students to find a local church family. With over 100 diverse churches within driving distance of Grace Christian University, there is a church home that will meet each students’ individual needs. Pastor Rick and the Community Life staff are willing to help students find a church where they feel welcome to worship, serve, and grow in their spiritual walk.


Grace Christian University regularly holds unique chapels with student-led worship and challenging biblical messages. Chapel services provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to worship, pray, grow, and learn together. Chapel is a time for the Grace Christian University campus community to take a break and be spiritually renewed.

Student sitting with a bible

Small groups

At Grace Christian University, each student is encouraged to be part of a student-led small group. During small groups, students discover their voice in the campus community while growing in their faith and building strong trusting relationships.


Contact Pastor Rick Pilieci rpilieci@gracechristian.edu or stop by the Student Affairs office.

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