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Music Program – Courses

Watch this video to learn more about what are our students saying about the Worship Arts Program.

Detailed course descriptions are included in our “Everything Document”.

Worship Arts Program – Everything Doc

Below is a list of courses offered in our Worship Arts Program.

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  • Grace Christian Chorale
  • Grace Singers
  • Grace Collective
  • Grace Note Jazz Band
  • GC Worship
  • Grace Guitar Ensemble
  • Media Crew
  • Foundations of Worship
  • Foundations of Music
  • Music Theory I
  • Musicianship
  • Introduction to Music, Worship and Technology
  • Music Theory II
  • Planning and Leading Worship
  • Sophomore Music Performance
  • Sophomore Worship Program
  • Sophomore Technology Project
  • Conducting and Rehearsal Techniques
  • Music History
  • Music Technology
  • Audio Production
  • Editing and Mixing
  • Live Sound
  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Junior Music Performance
  • Junior Worship Program
  • Junior Technology Project
  • Personal Marketing
  • Senior Music Performance
  • Senior Worship Program
  • Senior Technology Project
  • Worship Internship
  • Technology Internship
Apply by Nov 28 for a $500 Scholarship. APPLY NOW
Online classes start November 9. Apply by November 4.   APPLY NOW
Graduate classes start August 24. Apply by July 30.   APPLY NOW


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