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Program Overview

The mission of the concentration in Adult Development and Aging is to prepare students for employment in Human Services for the aging population. READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 215 -Biblical Interpretation
  • An introduction to the principles and practice of biblical interpretation as well as the primary tools of biblical research. Intended primarily for students majoring in Biblical Studies, this course seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to correctly interpret and analyze various literary genres, as well as develop skills needed for accurate practical application and teaching. Christian Ministry requirements are also embedded in this course.
  • + PS 245 -Lifespan Psychology
  • This course is deigned to explore human development from conception through death using the biopsycho-social-spiritual model. Using major theories, such as psychodynamic, behaviorism, cognitive, ecological, etc., students will examine life span development similarities, yet also see how each life unfolds in its own unique pattern due to various factors such as temperament, personality, etc.
  • + PS 260 -Introduction to Adult Development and Aging
  • This course will provide a survey of the different issues involved in growing older. Spiritual, psychological, biological, and sociological aspects will be presented from a Christian worldview. An overview of the causes and psychosocial impact of communication issues will be addressed. This course includes an experiential component where students will be serving the aging population.
  • + PS 341 -Adult Psychology
  • This course explores various topics such as physical changes, physical and mental health issues, cognitive abilities, social relationships, work/retirement, etc. as they pertain to the various stages of adult development. Although much of the focus will be on older adulthood, topics discussed will also include adult development from young adulthood to death.
  • + PS 361 -Psychology and Culture of the Aging Process
  • A review of the biological, sociological, and psychological aspects of age-related changes in respect to perception, memory, cognition, and personality. Major developmental theories and research will be studied. Study of aging from the perspective of prominent sociological theories in Western society with an emphasis on culture.
  • + PS 363 -End-of-Life Matters
  • Broad overview of death and dying topics including choices an aging population needs to make; ethics and Christian perspective of those choices; and the experience of grief and mourning.
  • + SO 365 -Long-Term Care System
  • Exploration of the continuum of long-term care services available in the United States. Examination of issues of access and financing; the combination of housing and services for disabled older adults; and challenges to the provision of a range of quality long-term care options.
  • + PS 467 -Memory Loss and Aging
  • This course contrasts normal age-related changes in the brain with the effects of diseases that cause cognitive impairment. Prevalence, incidence, symptoms, causes, treatment, and caregiving issues are discussed, with emphasis on the history and personal, social, cultural, political, and economic impacts of AlzheimerÕs disease are explored.
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Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
86% Employment Rate Logo
No Entrance Exams Logo
19% out of state
Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
19% out of state
No Entrance Exams Logo
86% Employment Rate Logo


– Case manager
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I just started my online journey at Grace Christian University. Even though I have a full-time job that is stressful, along with other responsibilities that keep me busy, I am really enjoying my class, the assignments, and discussions with my classmates. I especially like the fact that Grace offers me all the tools and support that I need to become a proficient and successful student.

Emmy Acosta, Graduate/Online Student

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