Program Overview

The 120 credit Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Grace Christian University gives an overview of the field and the unique challenges of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. The mission of the Criminal Justice degree is to provide biblically-informed, interdisciplinary education in the human services field, having theoretical knowledge and application for real-world Christian service. READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 312 -The Gospel of John
  • Credit Hours: 3
    A study of the theology of John’s Gospel, including the origin and social setting of the Fourth Gospel. The course will examine John’s unique contribution to theology as well as the pastoral significance of the Johannine literature. Offered alternate years.
  • + CJ 255 -Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Introduction to Criminal Justice focuses on the various processing stages, practices, and personnel in the criminal justice system. This course examines the problem of crime in American society. Both historical and contemporary components of the system, including the police, the courts, and correctional agencies are explored. This course is designed to provide the student with a foundational, broad-based understanding of both the effects of crime upon communities, as well the criminal justice system response to crime in our contemporary society.
  • + CJ 320 -Criminal Justice Internship I
  • Credit Hours: 3
    A faculty-supervised internship that involves placement in a local human service agency. The student will begin integrating classroom concepts and theory with practical interventions that have been the foundation from the theoretical and conceptual basis of prior learning. The internship requires a minimum of 120 hours under agency supervision. Students also complete additional coursework in collaboration with their supervising faculty for practical integration and growth of the developing human services professional.
  • + CJ 330 -Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Law Enforcement and Corrections examines the history, policies and laws that impact those working in the criminal justice field. Laws of arrest, evidence, admissions, confessions, search and seizure are highlighted as it guides warrant request and testimony preparation. The history, purposes and organizational structure of jails and prisons are studied. Ethical punishment and treatment are highlighted, with a focus on the legal rights of prisoners and responsibilities of officers. Emphasis is devoted to report writing and the importance of precise record keeping.
  • + CJ 350 -Criminology & Social Deviance
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Criminology and Social Deviance explores the social and psychological influences on criminal behavior. Current theories that attempt to explain the causes of illegal behavior will be examined, including violent crime, media (video game, TV) influence, gangs, and group deviance, white-collar crime, and 'victimless' crime. Attention will be given to understanding criminal behavior as multifactorial within the context of a biblical worldview.
  • + CJ 370 -Juvenile Law and Delinquency
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Juvenile Law and Delinquency focuses on the unique challenges of working with youth within the criminal justice system. Theories that seek to explain juvenile delinquency, including the nature and extent of illegal behavior will be explored, while also considering the significant role of media violence. The justice process for juveniles will be critiqued, highlighting the structure and function of juvenile justice, probation, detention, parole, diversion for child offenders and the roles of family and social institutions in addressing illegal juvenile behavior. A biblical worldview will be promoted in responding to juvenile delinquency.
  • + CJ 430 -Survival Psychology
  • Credit Hours: 3
    Survival Psychology focuses on the traits responsible for surviving in high-stress environments including responding directly to high-threat encounters. Students will understand the psychology behind the warrior mindset, combat stress response and pro-survival behaviors, including Òthe gift of fear.Ó Organizational and professional psychological traits present in law enforcement, paramilitary organizations and high stress organizations will also be explored balancing independence and leadership versus the need for teamwork in responding to stressful events. Healthy lifestyle factors are examined that lead to career effectiveness and avoiding burnout, such as managing vicarious trauma and promoting self-care.
  • + COM 330 -Culture and Conflict Management
  • Credit Hours: 3
    This course provides students with a basic overview of conflict resolution. The history, methods, and theory of conflict resolution will be explored. In addition, strategies in competitive versus collaborative negotiation will be examined in the context of culture and a Christian worldview.
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What makes Grace unique is the unified mind, heart, and soul to be the salt and light of Christ in tangible ways both here and in our communities. I have been here for almost three years in the online course and have truly LOVED every minute of it. If you’re looking for a holistic college, Grace Bible College is for you!!

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