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Program Overview

Students who want a well rounded education in various ministry avenues or who would like to customize their Biblical Studies degree can choose the General Ministry concentration READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 302 -Jesus and the Gospels
  • The theology of Jesus, origin and background of the Gospels. Theological, social, and pastoral relevance of the gospels. Special attention to the canon of the New Testament. Offered alternate years.
  • + BI 305 -Biblical Perspectives on Current Issues
  • Consideration of relevant biblical texts and historical samples of their interpretation on such social issues as the vitality of the individual, persons in violence, dependent and underclass persons, crime and violence, basic human rights, and social liberation.
  • + BI 312 -The Gospel of John
  • A study of the theology of JohnÕs Gospel, including the origin and social setting of the Fourth Gospel. The course will examine JohnÕs unique contribution to theology as well as the pastoral significance of the Johannine literature. Offered alternate years.
  • + HI 371 -History of Christianity
  • Survey of church history from the Apostolic Church through the Reformation and Counter Reformation period of 1500-1648. Emphasis on the impact of concepts, individuals, and events on the development of church history.
  • + PT 326 -Family Life and Ministry
  • This course explores the cultural and personal dynamics affecting the family of those in ministry. Emphasis will be given to strengthening oneÕs own family and how to minister to families within the local congregation and community.
  • + PT 351 -Homiletics
  • The preparation and delivery of sermons and public addresses. Emphasis is given to the history of preaching, types of sermons, homiletical structure, outlining, and pulpit mannerisms. Several sermons are preached as part of the course requirements.
  • + PT 438 -Ministry Internship
  • A faculty supervised experience in an approved ministry situation which allows the student to become immersed in areas of service applicable to his or her ministry emphasis within the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies degree program. The student is required to complete a minimum of 120 hours in their approved ministry.
  • + TH 213 -Biblical Christian Thought
  • This course emphasizes Scripture as the basis of Christian thought about God and surveys a range of Christian doctrine from the standpoint of systematic, historical & dogmatic theology. It also includes a survey of the progressive revelation of GodÕs plan in Scripture as foundational to a Christian worldview; provides a focused introduction to Pauline dispensational theology and its unique ecclesiological and eschatological interests. Christian Ministry requirements are also embedded in this course.
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Stephanie Allen, Staff Member

- The Lord’s Presence is Very Evident