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  • + COM 131 -Fundamentals of Speech
  • Fundamentals of Speech will increase studentsÕ knowledge and awareness of the theory and principles of public speaking. Casual and formal speaking opportunities will be used to develop confidence as a public speaker. Topic selection, cultural intelligence and sensitivity for diverse audiences, patterns of organization, development of supporting materials and creative presentation of ideas are part of the course.
  • + COM 220 -Global Communication
  • This course introduces students to global communication by exploring issues related to intercultural communication practices from a biblical perspective. It examines the important role of social, cultural, and historical context in human interactions.
  • + COM 250 -Interpersonal Communication
  • This course focuses on the importance of interpersonal communication and the common barriers that confound relationships such as culture, conflict, gender, and perception of differences. Students will evaluate current connections from a Christian worldview and from that foundation identify strategies for strengthening personal and professional influences for mission/vision-minded goals.
  • + COM 331 -Communication Skills
  • This course pursues an advanced understanding of the communication process as it relates to skillful writing and resume development, internship and employment interviewing, organized informational presentations, professional interactions, cultural intelligence, and etiquette in the workplace.
  • + COM 330 -Culture and Conflict Management
  • This course provides students with a basic overview of conflict resolution. The history, methods, and theory of conflict resolution will be explored. In addition, strategies in competitive versus collaborative negotiation will be examined in the context of culture and a Christian worldview.
  • + COM 342 -Cross Cultural Life Skills
  • Grace Bible College partners with h.e.a.r.t. (Hunger Education and Resource Training) in Lake Wales, Florida. Students will be exposed to the realities of life in the non-Western world where support services are minimal. Communication skills will be developed in a safe yet stressful environment similar to what will be found in a developing country.
  • + COM 350 -Culturally Intelligent Leadership and Teamwork
  • Designed as an introduction to the principles of small group communication, Cultural Intelligent Leadership and Teamwork provides a foundation for understanding teams and groups. Activities will allow students to experience the challenge of learning how to improve their group communication skills through participation. Exploring biblical characteristics of leadership and teamwork will provide students with a framework for communicating and effectively leading in a diverse world.
  • + COM 373 -Business Communication
  • The skills needed for communication competence for professional settings will be explored. Attention is given to listening, verbal and nonverbal communication, small group work, and professional writing. Opportunities to discuss and practice business interactions using a variety of styles, settings, and delivery systems are built into the course. This course is designed to prepare students to succeed in the everchanging business environment.
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Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
86% Employment Rate Logo
No Entrance Exams Logo
19% out of state
Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
19% out of state
No Entrance Exams Logo
86% Employment Rate Logo


– Missionary
– Ministry Trainer
– International Business Sales Manager
– Social Media Coordinator
– Public Relations Specialist
– Community Development Coordinator
– Child Services Case Manager
– Refugee/Migrant Advocate
– Adoption Social Worker


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Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society.

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Bible Centered

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To be a vibrant University exalting Jesus Christ, preparing culturally intelligent students for diverse careers in the global marketplace.

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 A statement of the doctrinal position to which the Board, Administration, and Faculty of Grace Christian University are committed.

I am really enjoying my time at Grace Bible College. I get my A.A. degree in June 2015. I have really been encouraged and challenged.

~James Everett, AA 2015

- Encouraged and Challenged