Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to truly customize a degree program to fit their interests and plans. For this program of study, a student can focus on any of the following areas or can combine them in any way he or she chooses. The options are limitless! READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 205 -Bible Study Methods and Application
  • An introduction to the principles and practice of inductive Bible study, with emphasis on the effective communication of biblical truth. This course will include assignments intended to develop skills in expository writing and biblical instruction. Christian Ministry requirements are also embedded in this course.
  • + BI 305 -Biblical Perspectives on Current Issues
  • Consideration of relevant biblical texts and historical samples of their interpretation on such social issues as the vitality of the individual, persons in violence, dependent and underclass persons, crime and violence, basic human rights, and social liberation.
  • + BI 403 -The Pauline Literature and Theology
  • Examination of the background and ministry of Paul, origin and purpose of each of the Pauline epistles in the context of the development of PaulÕs ministry. Synthesis of major themes of Paul with special attention to the Pauline concept of the church and its mission. Offered alternate years.
  • + BU 303 -Introduction to Finance
  • This course is an introduction to the role of finance in the business world. Topics will include an overview of finance concepts, terminology, and principles, as well as the relationship between finance and accounting, basic financial analysis and planning techniques, financial ratios, profit, cash flow, and sources of business financing.
  • + COM 131 -Fundamentals of Speech
  • Fundamentals of Speech will increase studentsÕ knowledge and awareness of the theory and principles of public speaking. Casual and formal speaking opportunities will be used to develop confidence as a public speaker. Topic selection, cultural intelligence and sensitivity for diverse audiences, patterns of organization, development of supporting materials and creative presentation of ideas are part of the course.
  • + COM 250 -Interpersonal Communication
  • This course focuses on the importance of interpersonal communication and the common barriers that confound relationships such as culture, conflict, gender, and perception of differences. Students will evaluate current connections from a Christian worldview and from that foundation identify strategies for strengthening personal and professional influences for mission/vision-minded goals.
  • + PH 201 -Western Philosophical Thought
  • This course serves as an introduction to the development of philosophy in the Western world. It includes a survey of the history of philosophical ideas and personalities from the ancient Greek and Hebrew traditions to the present. Attention is also given to the postmodern critique of philosophy and theology, and the questions this critique raises for 21st century Christians.
  • + PT 326 -Family Life and Ministry
  • This course explores the cultural and personal dynamics affecting the family of those in ministry. Emphasis will be given to strengthening oneÕs own family and how to minister to families within the local congregation and community.
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Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
86% Employment Rate Logo
No Entrance Exams Logo
19% out of state
Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
19% out of state
No Entrance Exams Logo
86% Employment Rate Logo


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Everyone was extremely helpful!! I had issues with the FAFSA or my daughters enrollment, and they stepped me right through it. I also noticed that the students that were on campus while I was there were very kind. I can’t wait for my daughter to start in the Fall.

Angie Harkness-Pearce, Parent

- I Can’t Wait for my Daughter to Start