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Program Overview

Whether your calling is to be a worship leader at a local church or to travel as a musician, Grace Christian University's Worship Arts School will help equip you to serve God in whatever capacity. READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 215 -Biblical Interpretation
  • An introduction to the principles and practice of biblical interpretation as well as the primary tools of biblical research. Intended primarily for students majoring in Biblical Studies, this course seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to correctly interpret and analyze various literary genres, as well as develop skills needed for accurate practical application and teaching. Christian Ministry requirements are also embedded in this course.
  • + BIB 342 -Life of Christ
  • This course is a journey in the steps of Christ to experience authentic and transformative Christian living, which prepares students to follow the steps of Christ and serve the Church and society. Students will explore context, life examples, teachings, and theology inherent in the life of Christ in order to develop a personal theology. The four Gospels serve as the knowledge base.
  • + WA 111 -Foundations of Worship
  • This course provides a biblically-based understanding and definition of worship as exemplified through worship experiences in the Old and New Testaments. Purposefully scheduled as the initial course in the Worship Arts program, it seeks to lay a foundation for all other courses that build upon core worship principles.
  • + WA 112 -Foundations of Music
  • Introduction to the essential elements found within tonal music including pitch, notation, time classification, note and rest values, time signatures, intervals, scales, key signatures, and triads.
  • + WA 114 -Musicianship I
  • Introduction to knowledge base and application of fundamental musicianship skills. Course focuses on sight singing tonal melodies, identifying melodic and harmonic intervals, scales in major and minor keys, and mastering the moveable ÒdoÓ Solfege system. Transcription, intonation, and rhythmic accuracy are also part of this course.
  • + WA 184 -Worship Ensemble
  • Group of vocalists, instrumentalists, and media personnel that prepare and lead worship for weekly campus chapel services, camps, youth retreats, etc. with potential for travel and ministry opportunities off campus. Open to all students. Audition required
  • + WA 322 -Songwriting for Worship
  • This course provides students with hands-on opportunities to write and record their own original songs using professional MIDI and audio recording software. Emphasis is placed on the creation of theologically rich and doctrinally accurate worship songs appropriate for use in campus chapel services and in WA 350 Junior and WA 450 Senior Worship Programs. A review of standard song forms and significant Christian artists and their songwriting styles will be incorporated into the class.
  • + WA 459 -Worship Arts Internship
  • A faculty-supervised internship is an essential capstone experience required of all Worship Arts students whereby students identify a local church or parachurch organization, arrange his or her internship with a supervisor, and serve in a worship arts leadership capacity for a minimum of 120 hours. The internship is designed to aid in developing ministry attitudes, roles and responsibilities, and leadership skills vital to worship arts needs within a local church.
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The New Worship Arts program at Grace Bible College is designed to transform students into creative multi-faceted artists who excel in creating biblically-grounded, multi-sensory worship experiences. It prepares students to engage generations of people through their professional training in music and media production in addition to a strong foundation in Bible, theology, and general education.


The ever-changing needs of today’s local churches and parachurch organizations will find Grace Bible College Worship Arts graduates well-prepared to meet those needs through numerous career possibilities including:

  • Worship Leader
  • Director of Worship Arts
  • Director of Worship Media and Technology
  • Professional Touring Musician
  • Studio Recording Artist
  • Professional Singer/Songwriter
  • Minister of Music
  • Music and Worship Evangelist
  • Worship Pastor
  • Private Lesson Instructor
  • Music and Worship Leader on the Mission Field
  • Director of Worship and Drama
  • Director of Worship for Women’s Conferences
  • Teaching Pastor of Worship
  • Worship Support Personnel (in large church worship ministry)
  • Associate Director of Worship Programming
  • Worship Arts Facilitator
  • Further graduate study in music and/or worship



Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society.


Bible Centered

Grace Theology

Ministry Focused

Transformational Relationships


To be a vibrant University exalting Jesus Christ, preparing culturally intelligent students for diverse careers in the global marketplace.


 A statement of the doctrinal position to which the Board, Administration, and Faculty of Grace Christian University are committed.

I have never encountered such a supportive group of people in a workplace or a school setting. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future of Grace. It’s been a joy to be a part of such a growing institution where the Lord’s presence is very evident.

Stephanie Allen, Staff Member

- The Lord’s Presence is Very Evident