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Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 305 -Biblical Perspectives on Current Issues
  • Consideration of relevant biblical texts and historical samples of their interpretation on such social issues as the vitality of the individual, persons in violence, dependent and underclass persons, crime and violence, basic human rights, and social liberation.
  • + BI 422 -Romans
  • A study of contents and theology of PaulÕs letter to the Romans, including the origin and social setting of the letter. The course will examine PaulÕs contribution to Christian theology based on Romans as well as the pastoral significance of the letter. Offered alternate years.
  • + PS 349 -Theories and Foundations in Counseling
  • In this course, students will examine various theories of personality and counseling, with an emphasis on those theories used in the United States. Included in the course will be training in assertiveness and investigation of oneÕs own personality. Students will have an opportunity to develop some basic counseling skills based on the theories studied through the use of role play, case studies, and other means to learn practical strategies used in the counseling setting.
  • + PT 311 -Ministry Leadership
  • This course includes a study of the principles of effective leadership and administration for ministries within the local church. It integrates biblical principles for church leadership with principles of current organizational theory and practice.
  • + PT 314 -Pastoral Care
  • An examination of the foundational issues in providing pastoral care in a local church. Attention will be given to personal, congregational, and social issues commonly encountered in the practice of ministry in order to equip the pastor with the understanding and skills necessary to meet these challenges.
  • + PT 351 -Homiletics
  • The preparation and delivery of sermons and public addresses. Emphasis is given to the history of preaching, types of sermons, homiletical structure, outlining, and pulpit mannerisms. Several sermons are preached as part of the course requirements.
  • + PT 401 -Ministry of the Local Church
  • This course examines the dynamics affecting congregational ministry. It will explore the differences in thinking and values that affect ministry and how the student can best lead and affect change within the congregation in light of these differences.
  • + PT 405 -Developing and Reproducing Healthy Churches
  • This course is designed to provide students with a biblical, philosophical, and practical understanding of the principles and strategies related to church health and reproduction. Emphasis will be given to church renewal and its natural result, including the establishing of new churches to further the cause of Christ in that local community and the surrounding context.
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