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Program Overview

Curriculum / Courses

  • + SO 261 -Foundations of Urban Studies
  • This course will help the student develop a biblical framework and gain an overall understanding of foundational principles for effective urban service. Students will gain an understanding of the contemporary practices and centrality of the local church in the urban community. Students will learn principles to understand the diversity of urban settings, target the needs to various people groups within an urban area, and develop strategies for effective urban service within that culture.
  • + SO 340 -Faith and Reconciliation in Urban Studies
  • This course will focus on the integration of Christian faith, principles of spiritual formation and basic principles of social analysis and planned change. Special emphasis will be placed on the implications of the Christian faith and theology for an understanding of social justice and the churchÕs role for community transformation. Social issues will be examined such as poverty, prejudice, racism, education, and urban and rural justice.
  • + SO 352 -Interpreting Urban Communities
  • This course will identify the needs of neighborhoods that are located in urban settings and explore practical ways for the church to embody the gospel in response to social inequities like racism, inequitable distribution of wealth, illiteracy, abuse, etc. Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a service learning program with local community organizing initiatives, in which they will be able to discover the methods and content of community engagement.
  • + SO 364 -Immigration and Contemporary Urban Issues
  • Because of the influx of immigrants (e.g. Hispanics/Latinos, Sudanese, Vietnamese, etc.), this course will look at contemporary concerns around immigration. Students will learn how to have an integrative approach, addressing key issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, with biblical, historical, theological, ethical, pastoral, and socio-political lenses. Students will be able to create a new and more positive narrative on immigration, which focuses on understanding, acceptance, and love.
  • + PT 311 -Ministry Leadership
  • This course includes a study of the principles of effective leadership and administration for ministries within the local church. It integrates biblical principles for church leadership with principles of current organizational theory and practice.



Urban Ministry, Youth Ministry, Para-church organizations, Social Services, Criminal Justice, Community Development, Community Organizing

“From my years of experience in community development and community organizing, it became apparent that God loves cities and our cities are made up of a diverse population with an innumerable amount of multi-culture dynamics. Urban Studies, empowers graduates who have a passion for urban settings to learn about societal changes that affect communities. It also helps people to put cultural intelligence into action, while serving others.”

– Sherita M. Jahaziel, Program Champion



Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society.


Bible Centered

Grace Theology

Ministry Focused

Transformational Relationships


To be a vibrant University exalting Jesus Christ, preparing culturally intelligent students for diverse careers in the global marketplace.


 A statement of the doctrinal position to which the Board, Administration, and Faculty of Grace Christian University are committed.

I graduated from here and now work here because I love the people and community here. If you make an effort to get to know people here they will be like family to you.

~Bradley Webb

- Alumni and Employee