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Program Overview

Has God given you a heart to minister specifically to women? Are you passionate about the value of women in the Body of Christ? Do you desire to bring healing and peace through God’s Word and fellowship by connecting women with women? READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 215 -Biblical Interpretation
  • An introduction to the principles and practice of biblical interpretation as well as the primary tools of biblical research. Intended primarily for students majoring in Biblical Studies, this course seeks to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to correctly interpret and analyze various literary genres, as well as develop skills needed for accurate practical application and teaching. Christian Ministry requirements are also embedded in this course.
  • + BI 312 -The Gospel of John
  • A study of the theology of JohnÕs Gospel, including the origin and social setting of the Fourth Gospel. The course will examine JohnÕs unique contribution to theology as well as the pastoral significance of the Johannine literature. Offered alternate years.
  • + PT 311 -Ministry Leadership
  • This course includes a study of the principles of effective leadership and administration for ministries within the local church. It integrates biblical principles for church leadership with principles of current organizational theory and practice.
  • + PT 314 -Pastoral Care
  • An examination of the foundational issues in providing pastoral care in a local church. Attention will be given to personal, congregational, and social issues commonly encountered in the practice of ministry in order to equip the pastor with the understanding and skills necessary to meet these challenges.
  • + PT 331 -Foundations of Women’s Ministry
  • This course provides a biblical, theological, and philosophical introduction for ministering to women in the local church and para-church organizations. Students will develop a personal philosophy and practical strategies for ministering to the needs of women.
  • + PT 332 -Discipling and Mentoring Women
  • A biblical approach to disciple-making and mentoring women of various ages and issues. Counsel that is based on GodÕs Word is more powerful than we can ever imagine, this class is for those who desire to share with other women the comfort, hope, and encouragement the Bible has to offer in response to the problems of today. There will also be instruction, encouragement, and practical tools as you seek to disciple other women in the journey they are taking with Christ.
  • + PT 333 -Women, Bible and Culture
  • This course seeks to understand the women of the Bible in their ancient Near-Eastern and Greco-Roman cultural contexts. Emphasis will be placed on interpreting and applying the Bible to life situations of women in various cultural contexts, especially contemporary Western culture.
  • + PT 420 -Issues and Perspectives in WomenÕs Ministry
  • Examination of womenÕs issues in todayÕs culture, focusing from a Christian perspective on major issues such as domestic abuse, trafficking, fertility, and singleness.
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Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
86% Employment Rate Logo
No Entrance Exams Logo
19% out of state
Students Graduate With 15% Less Debt Than Average
$1.6m Institutional Aid
#2 Safest Campus In Michigan 2018
19% out of state
No Entrance Exams Logo
86% Employment Rate Logo


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Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society.

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To be a vibrant University exalting Jesus Christ, preparing culturally intelligent students for diverse careers in the global marketplace.

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 A statement of the doctrinal position to which the Board, Administration, and Faculty of Grace Christian University are committed.

I really love the chapel services, the athletics program, the community outreach done by the business school students, and the overall very positive atmosphere at this wonderful college. The President is very progressive and enthusiastic, and his enthusiasm affects the positive atmosphere of the whole school.

Peter DeBoer, Employee

- Progressive and Enthusiastic President