Program Overview

Through a cooperative arrangement with Cornerstone University, students can pursue a degree in History. Students satisfying the program requirements will receive a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Grace Christian University and a Bachelor of Arts from Cornerstone University. READ MORE

Curriculum / Courses

  • + BI 205 -Bible Study Methods and Application
  • An introduction to the principles and practice of inductive Bible study, with emphasis on the effective communication of biblical truth. This course will include assignments intended to develop skills in expository writing and biblical instruction. Christian Ministry requirements are also embedded in this course.
  • + BI 405 -Old Testament Wisdom
  • Studies in the ancient Near Eastern and biblical wisdom tradition; focused studies in the ideas of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and other biblical wisdom texts. Offered alternate years.
  • + HI 115 -American Studies
  • A study of American history from its colonial beginnings to the present emphasizing the interaction of political, social, economic, cultural and religious factors that shaped the United States such as Puritanism, constitutional development, immigration, industrialism, technology, the impact of war, reform movements and contemporary issues.
  • + HI 210 -Independent Study in History
  • Individual guided research in issues of historical concern.
  • + HI 331 -United States History I
  • Students will examine the political, social, religious and economic history of the United States from Colonial times until the Civil War.
  • + HI 371 -History of Christianity
  • Survey of church history from the Apostolic Church through the Reformation and Counter Reformation period of 1500-1648. Emphasis on the impact of concepts, individuals, and events on the development of church history.
  • + HI 372 -American Religious History
  • The history of religion in America especially emphasizing the history of Christianity in both its theological and institutional developments. Examination also of non-Christian religions in America.
  • + PH 201 -Western Philosophical Thought
  • This course serves as an introduction to the development of philosophy in the Western world. It includes a survey of the history of philosophical ideas and personalities from the ancient Greek and Hebrew traditions to the present. Attention is also given to the postmodern critique of philosophy and theology, and the questions this critique raises for 21st century Christians.
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Graduating Godly Individuals Prepared to Serve Christ in Church and Society.


Bible Centered

Grace Theology

Ministry Focused

Transformational Relationships


To be a vibrant University exalting Jesus Christ, preparing culturally intelligent students for diverse careers in the global marketplace.


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I really love the chapel services, the athletics program, the community outreach done by the business school students, and the overall very positive atmosphere at this wonderful college. The President is very progressive and enthusiastic, and his enthusiasm affects the positive atmosphere of the whole school.

Peter DeBoer, Employee

- Progressive and Enthusiastic President