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Calling and Career

[…] calling people to serve Him.  We read about it repeatedly in Scripture: at the burning bush, on the road to Damascus, and in a still small voice, God gave direction […]

Opinion Polls

[…] they will let us know if our candidates or leaders are popular or not.  When George Bush was president, his aides would tell media (in response to a question posed […]

Homecoming 2013 Highlights

[…] students, staff, alumni and friends came out to give it their best shot.  Lastly, Dan George welcomed the crowd for the men’s and women’s alumni games and those gathered for […]

Trying to Justify Past Actions

[…] birthright for a hot bowl of lentil soup. (I once had lentil soup at the airport during a layover in Minneapolis – it was delicious and came with my meal […]

Sing His Praises!

[…] it or not, we always seem to (in selfish pride) desire to cover our backsides.  My human nature is not fully redeemed and longs, as does all of fallen creation […]

Deans and Presidents Lists

[…] Prior Lake, MN Kristen Stanek Almont, MI Richard Taylor Dayton, TX Rasheed Terry Brea, CA George Thomas Shenandoah, VA Andrew Thompson Pontiac, MI Nicole Tobiason Big Bear City, CA Yvette […]

Ministry Work

[…] cherish the best parts of the job—the “ministry work” that started it all. “I love airport arrivals for families or kids,” Mallory says, describing how she welcomes refugees to the […]

Puerto Rico Missions Trip 2019

[…] Saturday night. Our home for the week, Camp Caribe, was a two-hour drive from the airport. The next morning, we went to church and spent the rest of the day […]

Winter 2017 Ireland Trip

[…] us regarding Ireland’s history and culture. Kimberly Buskirk, sophomore: I remember stepping out of the airport in Ireland and thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m in a different country right now!” […]


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