On Campus Academic Catalog

On Campus Academic Catalog


Grace Christian University puts God at the center of everything: from academics to campus life to off-campus leadership.Our close-knit campus offers an idyllic place to focus on what matters most. Your time spent here will bring you closer to your career goals, while bringing you closer to God.  Grace’s inspired instructors will become more than teachers…they will act as mentors throughout your journey and beyond graduation. Because although you may arrive as a stranger, you’ll leave as family. Come see for yourself!

From the President

Grace Christian University is an incredible place. As president of Grace I am excited to welcome you to experience a life – transforming education. The Grace Christian University faculty, staff, and students are committed to being a growing community. By that we mean that each of us, starting with the president, realizes that we are still in process. We are not all that God designed and purposed us to be, nor are we content with our current condition. Through competent instructors committed to academic excellence, and staff and administration committed to serving and growing, we believe Grace Christian University can be used by God to change your life!

Picture Of Our President


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