Other Sources

Other Sources

Additional financial aid may be available to eligible students through the following areas listed below.

Federal Work-Study Program

On-campus employment is available through federal funds for those who meet need requirements. FAFSA is used in determining need.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Applicants with a service-oriented disability handicap should contact the nearest office of Vocational Rehabilitation to learn what assistance is available to them. Benefits are determined according to individual need.

Veterans Benefits

Grace Christian University cooperates with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the training of honorably discharged service members. Veterans who wish to use the benefits should obtain the necessary forms from the nearest office of Veterans Affairs or Grace’s Registrar. Veterans will be reimbursed directly by the Department of Veterans Affairs and should plan to pay their account in accordance with Grace’s payment schedule.


Working one’s way through college provides valuable opportunities for experiencing good use of time and responsible management of personal finances. Many part-time work opportunities are available within walking distance of the campus. Additionally, many students work on campus in the offices, maintenance department, athletic center, library, bookstore, and food service. These positions are filled on the basis of need and ability.