Student Services

Student Services



Navigating life can be challenging for many of us; college students included. Grace offers multiple student services to help you navigate college life and beyond.

Counseling Services

The Student Counseling Center offers customized services to meet the needs and goals of our students. We desire to equip students to grow and thrive emotionally during their years at college. Reach the Student Counseling Center at

Health Services

The human body is where physical health and spiritual health meet. Grace Health Services provides students with assistance and guidance in making decisions regarding physical health. A campus nurse is available several hours a week on campus or can be reached at

Career Services

Grace Career Services assists students and alumni with career guidance and readiness, polishing a resume, as well as practicing for that important interview. Career Services also updates an online Job Board for students and alumni to find job and internship opportunities. For career readiness or assistance with resumes and interviews, email

Other Resources for On Campus Students

Explore other options to support your studies here. Together, we can achieve great things academically!