Additional information for most of these questions can be found in the Student Handbook.

What is Grace’s dress code on campus?

Grace maintains a dress code which emphasizes students looking neat and modest. Please search “Dress Code” in our student handbook for our dress code policy

Are there counseling services available on campus?

Grace Christian University employs a full time counselor for the various needs of our student body. Counseling services are available for individuals and groups.

Will I be safe on Grace’s campus?

Our well-lit campus is kept safe by the Grace campus security team which consists of students and staff. The Wyoming Police Department is also conveniently located 1 minute from campus.  Our security camera system allows for optimal footage of our campus 24 hours per day. Because our campus is built into a neighborhood, there is general neighborhood resident foot traffic. To be safe, we encourage our students to walk in pairs and lock their vehicles and residence halls.

What are the different meal options? Can I change my meal plan?

Grace’s dining services provides 20 meals each week. Resident students can choose from six different meal plans. Meal plan prices can be found here. Meal plans are selected at the beginning of each semester and can be changed within the first few weeks of the semester. Commuting students are also able to select from three meal plan options or they put money on their student account for meal purchases. Snacks and a la carte items are available for purchase at Kahawa Café.

I’m living on campus, what should I bring?

We want you to be comfortable and feel at home while living on campus. Use this residence hall packing list as you prepare for On Campus living.

What are the chapel requirements?

Chapel is a central event where the campus community comes together to worship God. Grace holds four chapel events per week beginning at 9:45am Tuesday through Friday. Students are required to attend chapel, with a set number of misses per semester depending on each student’s class load. Off-campus students are only required to attend chapel on days they have a class directly before or after chapel.

Can I have a car on campus? Is there a parking fee?

All Grace Christian University students are able to have a car on campus. Vehicles must be registered with the University and display a parking sticker, which can be purchased for a $20 fee. Please see the Student Handbook for our parking policies.

How much is Tuition / Room & Board?

Tuition and Room & Board prices can be found here.

Is there any medical staff on campus?

A licensed nurse is available on campus during posted hours for consultation and treatment of minor ailments. You can also reach our nurse at nurse@gracechristian.edu.

A God Centered Education

Grace Christian University puts God at the center of everything: from academics to campus life to off-campus leadership. Our close-knit campus offers an idyllic place to focus on what matters most. Your time spent here will bring you closer to your career goals, while bringing you closer to God. Grace’s inspired instructors will become more than teachers…they will act as mentors throughout your journey and beyond graduation. Because although you may arrive as a stranger, you’ll leave as family.

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