Early Application Scholarship

Early Application Scholarship

Fall Scholarship Opportunities

Early Application Scholarship

We are excited you are starting your college search early. We offer students a $400 scholarship ($200 per semester) for those who complete their application by December 31, 2023.

Submit a completed application by December 31, 2023


Please note:

  • A Complete Application includes: Application, Christian Life Assessment, and Transcripts. (High School for first time freshman, High School and all College for transfer students). 
  • If you have previously qualified for an Early Application scholarship you are not eligible for any subsequent Early Application Scholarships.
  • Early Application Scholarship is non-renewable.

    Combine with these other scholarships
    to save up to $9,900 off tuition*


    Visit our campus before
    March 2024

    Visit Scholarship

    We’re so confident you’ll feel at home in our community we want to give you $1000 to visit us. Get your questions answered, and let us show you an authentic picture of the Grace Christian University community. Meet the people and see the place that will equip you to be a courageous ambassador for Christ. Take the three easy steps below to be eligible for the $1000 Scholarship.

    Three easy steps:

    • Schedule a Visit: Complete the Scholarship Visit Form to schedule your visit, which includes experiencing chapel, meeting faculty, and receiving a campus tour.
    • Complete an Application: Complete and submit a free application by the end of the visit. You only need to apply once, if you’re already applying for the Early Applications Scholarship.
    • Submit an Essay: Submit an essay describing your Grace experience, including something you learned. The essay must be at least 500 words, be received within two weeks of the visit, and be submitted to the Admissions office in person or emailed to your Admissions Counselor.

    Up to $8500 OFF

    Academic Scholarship

    *Academic scholarships range from $1500 to $8500 for first-time freshmen.

    Please note:

    • The value of your scholarship will be determined by your GPA.

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