On Campus Resources

On Campus Resources

Resources for On Campus Students

Find assistance for your studies and information on the Bultema Memorial Library. Or, explore other options available to support your studies by clicking on Student Services.  Together, we can achieve great things academically!  Take action to create the best study experience, tailored to your needs.

Campus Life

Making the Most of your Experience on Campus:

Make the most of your time on campus by getting involved in various activities and organizations on campus. Below are some on campus resources to help you jump in and become part of the Grace Christian University community.

CHAPEL  Intramural Sports

Student Ministries  Leadership Opportunities

The Emotional and Spiritual Well-Being of Our Students

We’re excited to celebrate successes with you along the way, and find solutions to the challenges you encounter! Together, we’ll find the solution to the challenge or opportunity you may have.  If you need help, don’t wait.  Reach out for support.

Grace Cares

Grace Ace

News & Events

Jennie Losinger Leads Hygiene Drive Initiative
Local Students Named to Grace Christian University’s Fall 2019 Honors Lists
Grace Student Kim Buskirk Completes American Red Cross Internship
Starting 2020 in Ireland
Apply by August 20 for a $500 scholarship!  APPLY NOW
Online classes start August 25. Apply by August 10.   APPLY NOW
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Graduate classes start July 28. Apply by July 6.   APPLY NOW
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