Tuition Costs

Tuition Costs

The Financial Aid Office at Grace desires to help students and their families gain access to several financial aid sources so that each student will have an opportunity to be a part of the Grace experience.

2021-2022 On Campus Tuition

ON CAMPUS TUITION RATE = $745 per credit hour ($730 Tuition + $15 fees*)
* Library, Activity, and Technology

A student is considered full-time when they enroll in 12 or more credit hours per semester.

Room & Board / Meal Plan Options

Residential Students

Flexible meal plans offer students creative options to accommodate financial needs while providing meals from our wonderful dining hall. Rather than purchasing meals weekly, the meal plan cost is per semester. Students are able to choose how many meals they eat in a given week and can adjust as needed based on their remaining quantity.

Room & Board / Meal Plan Options

Number of Meals
(per Semester)
Room & Board
(per Semester)
Who’s Eligible
Full $4,330 All Residential Students
225 $4,150 All Residential Students
150 $3,850 All Residential Students
90 $3,520 All Residential Students
60 $3,340 Returning Students
30 $3,000 Returning Students

Freshman or transfer students residing in our dormitory housing are strongly encouraged to choose the 225 meal plan for their first semester. This plan averages 15 meals a week. We suggest this plan, or higher, as our dormitory housing does not offer a full access kitchen. Students in dormitory housing may select as low as the 90 meal plan.

Commuter Students

Traditional undergraduate students commuting to campus may also choose from a variety of meal plans. These plans are also purchased per semester, allowing the option to increase or decrease based on the remaining quantity.

Meal Plan Options

Number of Meals
(per Semester)
Meal Plan Cost
(per Semester)
90 $720
60 $540
30  $300 

Estimated Cost

2021-2022 Estimated Cost

The below graph provides an example of the estimated cost, before receiving any financial aid*, of attending Grace Christian University. This example is for a Residential Student, taking 15 Credits per Semester, who selects the 225 Meal Plan.

Estimated Cost Example (per year)

Tuition Cost
(15 credits / semester)
Room & Board / Meal Plan Cost
(225 meal plan)
Semester Total 
Fall Semester $11,175 $4,150 $15,325
Spring Semester $11,175 $4,150 $15,325
Yearly Total $22,350 $8,300 $30,650

Use the Cost Calculator to find your estimated cost to attend Grace at

*100% of First-time Freshmen students receive institutional aid. Find out more about what financial aid you are eligible for at

Payment Plans

Arrangements to pay your bill in full MUST be done by August 1 (for Fall Semester) and January 1 (for Spring Semester) either by cash, check, credit card, verified financial aid or payment plan.

A payment plan breaks up the total amount due into several smaller amounts and is available by calling the Business Office. Find out more at

Note: Grace Christian University does business in US dollars, therefore all payments received are processed in US dollars.

More Information

Financial Aid Questions?

Feel free to contact:
The Financial Aid Office
Phone: (616) 538-2330
Fax: (616) 538-0588 (Attn: Financial Aid)

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