Tuition Costs

Tuition Costs

The Financial Aid Office at Grace desires to help students and their families gain access to several financial aid sources so that each student will have an opportunity to be a part of the Grace experience.

Tuition for Fall and Spring 2019-20
(per semester)

  • Per Hour Fee ($680 Tuition and $15 Fees*) – $695
  • Full-time (based on 15 credits) – $10,425
  • A student is considered full time if they take 12 or more credits per semester.
    *Fees = Library Activity, and Technology fees

Room and Board:

  • Full meal plan- $4,050
  • 15 meal plan- $3,775
  • 10 meal plan- $3,500
  • 75 meal block – $3,225
(4 semesters post High School only)

Estimated semester cost:

15 credits and 15 meal plan- $14,200


Students may purchase books through any vendor. Amazon links are provided through the student portal. The average student typically spends +/- $400 per semester.

Payment Plans

The balance of tuition, room and board, is due in full by August 1 (for Fall Semester) and January 1 (for Spring Semester) either by cash, check, credit card, or verified financial aid. Payment plans break up the total amount due into several smaller amounts and are available through Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Payment Plan Accounts can be set up at

Note: Grace Christian University does business in US dollars, therefore all payments received are processed in US dollars.

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