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I’ve been a student at Grace for about 3 years and I can honestly say I love it. I initially chose Grace because of how close it was to home and how inexpensive it was. The reason I chose to stay, however, was because of the great people that make Grace an amazing experience. Grace really makes an effort to make students feel welcomed and at home. This is a wonderful community and it has opened many doors of opportunity for me. Thanks Grace!

~Sergio Campos

- Wonderful Community

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Church Gains Grant by Student Efforts
“Last year, Professor Wayne Downing and I met with a group of... Read More

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Reverend Leonard McElveen of Mel Trotter Ministries teaches a very compelling message on compassion. Compassion IS an action. Compassion ISN'T over analyzing something to death, or something that somebody else is going to do because we feel it's not "our calling".

To hear him speak more on such an important and powerful message, click the link here: bit.ly/2yIC8bF
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2 days ago

Grace Christian University

Thank you to all of our alumni and friends that joined us this weekend! Great time and great memories were made! See you next year! ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Grace Christian University

Alumnus Keith Kemper speaks a very powerful message on the importance of living like Christ. We were created for that very one thing. If we are not living like Christ, for Christ, then what are we here for? ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago

Grace Christian University

Tommee Profitt who graduated from Grace in 2007 came back to visit his Grace family.

We’re so proud of everything you’ve become and accomplished and are happy to know you haven’t forgotten us 😊
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