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I’ve been a student at Grace for about 3 years and I can honestly say I love it. I initially chose Grace because of how close it was to home and how inexpensive it was. The reason I chose to stay, however, was because of the great people that make Grace an amazing experience. Grace really makes an effort to make students feel welcomed and at home. This is a wonderful community and it has opened many doors of opportunity for me. Thanks Grace!

~Sergio Campos

- Wonderful Community

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2 days ago

Grace Christian University

Whether you want to attend On Campus or Online, we are a family here at Grace. Grace is Bible Centered, Ministry Focused, and creating Transformational Relationships with Grace Theology.

Now as Grace Christian University, we offer Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's. Come be a part of our family.

For more information, visit www.gracechristian.edu/apply

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A little redecorating in the Student Commons 🙌

Thanks, Rebecca Zuber!
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3 days ago

Grace Christian University

This year's 2018-19 Community Life Interns (CLI's)

Mark Olson-Mark graduated in April of 2018 with a Bachelor's in Human Services with emphasis in Criminal Justice. Mark is excited to be working here another year growing old relationships and creating new ones both with students and staff.

Tasha Hall-Tasha also graduated this past April 2018 with a Bachelor's in Human Services. Fun fact about Tasha-she grew up in Bolivia as a missionary kid. Tasha is our female intern and is excited about implementing events that speak to the needs of women at Grace. Tasha hopes to be able to find the perfect balance of being involved with people while still finding fulfillment in responsibility. She's also hoping to narrow down her passions and integrate them into her career path along the way.

David Schrock-graduated this past April 2018 with a Bachelor's in Worship Arts. Fun fact about David- he loves traveling and just spent a few months in Zambia. He hopes to narrow down a career while utilizing his passions during this position.
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4 days ago

Grace Christian University

President Kemper and his wife, Kathy, spent a large portion of their summer in Tanzania, Africa.

This is not the first time President Kemper has been in Africa! Before becoming President at Grace Christian University, he and his family lived there for over 16 years doing missionary work, helping establish leadership, evangelizing, and guiding leadership seminars to mold leaders for the churches.

When they began, there were 27 existing churches in the surrounding areas. By the time they returned to the States, there were over 75. Their Tanzanian family welcomed them back with open arms.

For a portion of their time in Africa, the Kempers were able to have a reunion with their three children (Kaleb, Zech and Naomi) and their families. It was exciting to see the progress of the ministry as well as enjoy some time together as a family.

To read President Kemper's article on Global Grace, click the link here: bit.ly/2Mio5SR
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