Transcript Request

Transcript Request

Grace Christian University partners with the National Student Clearinghouse to process secure electronic transcript requests. The request process maximizes your privacy and assures the protection of your personal data. Official transcripts may be transmitted electronically, sent by mail, or picked up in person in the Academic Office on the Grace campus.

Here are the steps to request an official transcript:

  • Access the National Student Clearinghouse secure portal at NSC Transcript Ordering Portal
  • Complete each field carefully
  • Include payment information as directed (official transcripts cost $10.00 each, regardless of delivery method)
  • Sign the form as instructed
  • Submit the form

Transcript requestors will receive email and/or text messages to confirm the status of the request. You’ll also receive notifications of when the transcript request has been processed and sent and, in the case of electronic transcripts, when the transcript has been opened by the recipient. Your credit card will not be charged until your transcript is sent.

Request an Official Transcript today!

Some caveats to keep in mind:

  1. Outstanding Balance Holds will prevent the release of the official transcript; in those instances, the requestor will be notified of the hold and given contact information for next steps.
  2. Unofficial Transcripts can be requested at no charge directly from the Records/Registration Office at Grace using the Grace Unofficial Transcript Request form.
  3. Transcripts of academic coursework completed prior to 2000 are not available to be sent electronically. Requestors may request pre-2000 official transcripts to be sent by mail or to be picked up in person during the online submission process.

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