Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

Provide an Enduring Link Between Past, Current, and Future Generations

Since it’s beginning as Milwaukee Bible Institute in 1939, Grace Christian University has provided a sound, biblically based education for thousands of students.

Student tuition rate and fees represent only a portion of the total budget – the rest is provided through gift income. Your financial assistance allows us to keep our tuition one of the lowest in the Midwest and makes a Grace education available to more students.

Through financial partners like you, the fully accredited education Grace offers prepares students for a wide variety of vocations in business, human services, early childhood, elementary and secondary education, pastoral ministry, cross-cultural missions, youth ministry and music ministry leadership.

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Endowed Scholarships

Endowed funds help sustain future student scholarships. Our goal is to reach 200 named and funded scholarships of $25,000 or more that will be ready to be awarded by the fall of 2025, as part of our Vision 2025 campaign.

Scholarships named for businesses or living individuals are called Expression of Gratitude Scholarships; those established in memory of a deceased individual are called Memorial Scholarships.

If you would like to create a new endowment or gift to an existing endowment, please reach out to Pete Tilden at ptilden@gracechristian.edu.

Click on the sections below to learn and to contribute to an existing fund.

Alumni Legacy Endowment

To celebrate the familial connection to a graduate of Grace Christian University. The Alumni Legacy Endowment recognize and honors legacy families.

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August & Lucy Lettinga Scholarship

To encourage Grace students who want to study music and to be courage ambassadors.

Cereghino Family Education Scholarship

To encourage and enhance the educational experiences of individuals 1) who are related by birth, marriage, or extended family to the Cereghino family name, or 2) who are former members of the armed forces that served with distinction having received an honorable discharge, or 3) who are “late-learners” desiring to pursue Christian ministry, or 4) who are otherwise qualified recipients as determined by GCU leadership.

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Cheyenne Develasco “Portrait of Courage” Scholarship

Cheyanne Develasco

To help individuals who are dual-enrolled in high school to attend Grace Christian University. Students who have overcome adversity in their life are encouraged to share their story and apply.

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Conrad Schultz Family Scholarship

To encourage and assist Grace students and to honor the Schultz family.

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Corrine Sonneveldt Family Scholarship

Corrine Sonneveldt was a dedicated Christian woman always interested in Christian Education. Corrine spent 26 years in Christian higher education and always enjoyed working around college age young people. Her legacy gift was to help college students financially through scholarships toward their Christian education.

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David & Beatrice Records Scholarship

To help individuals with a heart for service. A heart for service is what was instilled in the children and grandchildren of David and Bea Records that was passed down through generations of family still serving the Lord in ministry today.

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Delmar & Pauline Anderson Scholarship

To to see women flourish, either on the mission field or in full time ministry.

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Dick Walker Service Scholarship

Dick Walker

To assist students who are pursuing a 4-year undergraduate degree and have demonstrated a strong commitment to community service.

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Disbrow Family Entreprenuerial Excellence Scholarship

To empower aspiring business leaders. Dedicated to supporting ambitious individuals pursuing business-related studies.

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Dr. Raymond F. & Kenneth H. Suerig Pastoral Scholarship

To encourage young men to pursue a degree at Grace Christian University in the Pastoral Ministry in partnership with the Grace Gospel Fellowship.

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Gladys Stringham Ministry for Women Scholarship

For women enrolled in classes actively seeking ministry i.e., Nursing, social services, social workers, and other ministry opportunities to women.

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Gowdy-Webb Scholarship

To help Grace Students who work in Bible Camp Ministry; Counselor, Bible Speaker, Maintenance etc.

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Grace Christian University Public Safety Scholarship

The Grace Christian University public safety’s scholarship is for a grace student seeking a career in public safety field. The student must have a strong moral character who seeks to help others and have a willingness to impact the world for Christ. Strong conviction will be given to students who have researched or have been engaged in a public safety program.

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Harold “Pastor Pete” Peterson Family Scholarship

To help Grace students who love the Word of God and love the message of Grace.

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J&H Oil Family Scholarship

To encourage Grace Christian University students to become courageous ambassadors for Christ, who make an impact wherever they go.

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Jim Rigg Endowment Fund for Youth Ministries Scholarship

To encourage others to stand for Christ even when it is ‘not cool’ and make an eternal impact in the lives of others.

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John Shyne, Jr. Pastoral Scholarship Endowment Fund

John Shyne Jr

Recipients of the Shyne Scholarship are among an elite group of black students chosen for their vocational call into Pastoral Ministry.

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Krombeen Family Scholarship

To encourage students who are in the business program of study and the education program of study.

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Lashley Family Fine Arts Endowment

To encourage students who are interested in Fine Arts.

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Lettinga Family Scholarship

To honor the legacy of Wilbur Lettinga, Sr. and his desire to encourage students to love God, love their family and love business.

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Paul & Carolyn Kermicle Scholarship

Students preparing for ministry with preference to students from Faith Bible Church in Olney who apply.

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Pastor Bruce & Judi Kemper Ministry Scholarship

To honor the legacy of ministry commitment of Pastor Bruce and Judi Kemper.

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Pilieci Family & Friends Scholarship

To support vocational leadership and ministry.

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Rick Velting Business Leaders Scholarship

To help Grace students pursuing leadership in business.

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Ruth Van Dusen Family Scholarship

In memory of Ruth Van Dusen of Berean Bible Church in Shoreline, WA and students who have a love for the Lord.

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Vernon & Marge Schutz Scholarship

Vernon and Marge Schutz
To encourage and assist students who come from the churches listed in the Grace Gospel Fellowship Directory to attend and graduate from Grace Christian University.

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Endowed Scholarship Unspecified

Donations in support of the Endowed Scholarships endeavor, but not specified to a particular named scholarship.

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