We Value Our Ministry Partners

Grace Christian University strongly values partnerships with churches and other ministries. The following organizations are headquartered on Grace’s campus to give our students easier access to mentoring and learning opportunities through these ministry outlets since January of 2003.

Grace Gospel Fellowship

Grace Gospel Fellowship

Grace Gospel Fellowship (GGF) was founded in the early 1940s to “provide fellowship among those who believe the truths contained in the doctrinal statement, and to promote the Gospel of the Grace of God throughout this land and throughout the world.”

To this day the churches in ministries are united in these three basic principles:

  1. Commitment to our understanding of the Bible, the eternal Word of God, from a dispensational interpretation as outlined in our doctrinal statement;
  2. A passion to reach the lost for Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Good News of His grace both at home and abroad;
  3. An awareness that the Body of Christ functions best as we work and fellowship together for the glory of God.

Grace Ministries International

Grace Ministries International

Grace Ministries International is an evangelical, Bible-believing mission agency with the purpose of bringing people to experience salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ and incorporating them into strong, self-sustaining churches.

Two billion people have never heard the gospel and 10,000 people groups have no viable church; therefore, along with the evangelical community and more than 100 fellow members of the EFMA, we are committed to spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all peoples of the world. At the present time, GMI is working in Australia, Bolivia, Congo, Costa Rica, India, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, United States, and Zambia, and cooperates with churches in Brazil, Curacao, and Uruguay which were planted by GMI missionaries in the past.

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