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Explore the heart of Grace Christian University and uncover our identity—a close-knit, Bible-based community devoted to shaping minds, nurturing faith, and transforming lives. 

Here, students embark on a purpose-driven journey where they receive unwavering support to embrace their calling and courageously represent Christ in their communities.

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Grace Christian University

Quick Facts

Grace was founded in 1939.
We are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Bible-Centered Education Experience

Our Core Values

Bible Centered

Providing a scripturally sound foundation for academic excellence and spiritual growth.

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Grace Theology

Cultivating a deep desire to engage in the study of God through His Word.

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Ministry Focused

Equipping students to fulfill their calling and impact the world for Christ.

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Transformational Relationships

Fostering growth, accountability, and support, aiding students in personal and spiritual development.


To be a vibrant biblical University exalting Jesus Christ, preparing culturally intelligent students for diverse careers in the global marketplace.

Statement of Faith

The board, administration, and faculty of Grace Christian University wholeheartedly uphold and align with our Statement of Faith, guiding every aspect of our academic and spiritual journey.


Graduating Courageous Ambassadors for Christ Who Make an Eternal Impact Wherever They Go.

Learning Objectives

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Integrate knowledge of God’s Word and His general revelation in creation to cultivate a broad understanding of human life.

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Demonstrate character shaped by Scripture and the Spirit of God.

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Implement practical skills essential for living and working in the world.

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Engage actively in serving others in their churches, careers, and communities.

Faith is Central

Anchored in Faith

At Grace Christian University, faith isn’t just a component; it’s the very heartbeat of our community. Rooted in our commitment to Christ and His word, faith permeates every aspect of campus life, shaping our academic pursuits, relationships, and personal growth.

Join us as we journey together, grounded in faith, towards cultivating a caring learning community where Jesus Christ is exalted and students are equipped to meet the needs of the world around them.

Statement of Faith
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